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Using Internet Explorer with Windows 8 | tutorial

This tutorial describes how to run Internet Explorer from the Windows 8 Start screen and desktop. Watch the whole course completely free on

This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter two of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview First Look course presented by author David Gassner. The complete Windows 8…

20 Comments on Using Internet Explorer with Windows 8 | tutorial

  1. internet explorer?bing? yeah right

  2. when I click on the internet explorer from start screen it opens normal internet explorer but I want this new one from Widnows
    What can I do? Please help me

  3. In other words Windows 8 sucks, PERIOD.
    People, tell me one reason why Windows 8 is good ?

  4. Thank you this really did help 

  5. When I open internet explore it goes straight to desktop. How do I change it so I starts in my start screen ?

  6. Fabulous overview, thank you!

  7. It just takes me to desktop when I click on start screen explorer

  8. i cant start internet explorer from my start screen it just takes me to the desktop and opens there please help if anyone else has run into this issue

  9. Sucks. I can't run Norton Internet Safe on it.

  10. After the first half hour or so of web browsing on windows, I was extremely aggravated. Now after watching this, I feel soo much better..thank you:)

  11. Omg I have the same problem here . I haven't find how to change it yet . 🙁

  12. that happend to me too and i do not know how to fix the problem.I also need help with that.

  13. I lost my full screen Internet Explorer… Can someone help me?

  14. You got to make IE your default browser. Your kinda forced to use IE that way but it makes it into metro mode. I'm in metro mode right now and I can't figure out how to change tabs 🙁

  15. Flash works in startscreen version on surface pro

  16. Thank you so much this video has really helped me. I am starting to get used to the new windows system and I like the start screen so much more than the desktop. It just takes time and YOUTUBE VIDEO's to understand, I found the windows tutorials on their website not very helpful. Thank you for you help.

  17. Thank you for your video

  18. sum times if I move my mouse to the right my page switches to another can u help

  19. i don't hate it. its new and awesome I need to get used to It is all

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