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[Version 2] [v3.1.0i] Asphalt 8 Trainer/Cheats/Hacks

List of apps which shouldn’t be open at the same time as the trainer:
Cheat engine
task manager
any apps with olly in it
anny apps with dbg in it

Note: This is a micro trainer so the text isn’t massive but its still readable.


43 Comments on [Version 2] [v3.1.0i] Asphalt 8 Trainer/Cheats/Hacks

  1. hello rog9001 could you help me unlock my asphalt account? I am logged in with my personal facebook account and this morning I opened the game and I found that message of death: YOU ARE BANNED! and now I do not know what to do please help me I do not want to lose my beautiful cars

  2. okayyyyyyyyyy yo sobro aqui

  3. Bro my it is new version of. Asphalt 8 airborne will this work on it

  4. of the trainer?
    no link is there in the description box

  5. where is the link?

  6. where do i install it

  7. rog9001 can you please make  trainer  of sonic  dash

  8. You're the my HERO! 🙂 trainer worked for me thanks a lot i subscribed and liked your video.

  9. i cant work unlimited speed. click it before the race or during the race?

  10. Hey friends, on this site I finally got free Credits & Stars for Asphalt 8 Airborne !!! It is finally possible !!! You can also generate CreditsHERE

  11. new game version,please make a new trainer

  12. where's the download link bro?

  13. Hey rog9001, do you got the trainer for asphalt 8 version 3.2

  14. me di cuenta que no pusiste el enlace para descargar el hackk
    pasame por favor


  16. this not song or something famous to give copyrights

  17. Really, this vid is filled with lies. Right here is the latest version of the hack all you have to do is to search " rivaloguides " on google

  18. its not working anymore

  19. super cool le mod men

  20. how to hack the tuning kit…. that is the only hack i am not able to do

  21. ho the fuck do i download it this mega thing isnt working

  22. hola seguro si funciona y no probocan baneo

  23. with this version, after a few times who played, crash all game

  24. hi ,u is online or offline during this test??

  25. Hi bro, if use this trainer could be banned?

  26. I played online weekend multiplyer race, I got the win only that my credits were not computed, because it will?

    You have to unlock the boxes Master Kit, champion kit box, which are for chips, without having the chips?

    Can you anticipate the participation of an event that needs blue chips to release before the deadline, without having the chips?

  27. why crashing man?

  28. Saldralgun trainer para el nuevo asphalt?

  29. This video doesn't show you how to do what you want properly. The latest working version has been released just search " rivaloguides " on google.

  30. omfg ty so much man defo left a like 😀

  31. Can I use the internet connected?

  32. I gues if I go online unlockin all cars I will go in cheating board right???
    what if I use only coins and booster do I get banned too? did you try online or only offline?

  33. Can we also get credits/tokens via this app?

  34. i am never see anything like this before.!!!!
    this is awesome man !

  35. Привет! как сделать, что-бы PRO не пропадало после закрытия трэйнера и перезапуска игры? благодарю!

  36. is this working for windows 8?

  37. 3k people will be now using hacks XD

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