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[Vinesauce] Joel – Windows 10 Destruction

Microsoft rolls out their latest OS, and with that there’s a whole new generation of toolbars and viruses waiting. In fact, it seems Microsoft has been taking notes from a certain familiar “personal assistant”. Off to the internet we go, strap in.
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20 Comments on [Vinesauce] Joel – Windows 10 Destruction

  1. What lemme mixed with milk

  2. 7:32 joel has evolved into a snake!

  3. Next destroy windows 9

    Oh wait it’s already destroyed

  4. Am I the only one who is wondering what the intro song is

  5. when i was drinking a cup of milk and was watching this video

    i accidentally spit milk on my laptop while cracking up with laughter


  7. You should install winzip.64 and lego worlds free delzxe version

  8. what does joel use to capture shit

  9. joel can you translate your swedish speech?

  10. whats the song at the start?

  11. 00:34 which windows is it?

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