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[Vinesauce] Joel – Windows 8 Destruction

Joel takes on Windows 8. Toolbars, lying fake software, scammers and mp3 to midis. Lets take a ride into the world of computers and suffer.
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50 Comments on [Vinesauce] Joel – Windows 8 Destruction

  1. Чувак,ты всё ещё должен мне 500 рублей….и я верну тебе данные с твоего компьютера

  2. 5:46 I love the actual song he uses

  3. D E L E T E T H I S N U M B E R

  4. Theres a "hells gate, Florida"

  5. it's werking! IT'Z WERRKING!

  6. "We're in 2015, and its starting to show. Whats next, Flying cars?"

    Sorry Joel, Still no Flying cars.

  7. Come here in he'll it's very cold!

  8. In the end it says something like "Your computer was shut down because of gay and pedofilic content that was found" I am not shore what it said later because it is in russian and I am serbian .

  9. J4HN S3NT4 T3H T1M3 1S N40W

  10. Was the text support guy a bot or a person

  11. lol I googled "PC Optimized Pro" and it doesn't exist classic

  12. 6:35 "and god was dead"

  13. He should have gave them access to the viruses and shit

  14. The funny thing is, the song at 6:34 actually sounds like a genuine nightcore song.

  15. Lol my mom hates the shit out of cats


  17. Please let that be a real call

  18. Play Sonic gather battle ???? with out protection

  19. JOEL, did you know you were sampled in a edm mlp track?

  20. Can someone translate the russian screen at the end?

  21. I want those butterflys
    On my windows 7. Is it a virus?

  22. It does that when you convert a file to MIDI because an MP3 file converted to MIDI is hard to parse.

  23. When he downloaded prevention, the website said Free Antivirus Protection xD

  24. I honestly thought the phone call was just Joel faking a voice until they overlapped. Omg.

  25. They write that you watch child porn and child raping

  26. A russian winlocker needs 500 rubles-10 dollars for unlocking your pc

  27. What is the song at the start?

  28. What's wrong with comic sans

  29. Only true pros write in Comic Sans.

  30. It's because of this video i got addicted to nightcore.

  31. He worships the devil.

  32. A N D W H A T O F Y O U R D A U G H T E R

  33. is vaporwave the opposite of nightcore?

  34. and god was dead

  35. vinesausages 10/10 pc

  36. I’m so glad these old vids still get recommended to me

  37. 1:522:01 I am thinking about undertale Sans from that point

  38. The quote on Fred Durts face was from Impractical Jokers.

  39. god has entered the server
    Joel has entered the server
    god has abandoned humankind

  40. Felix disappears for a few seconds
    'Is Felix dead?'

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