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Why Windows 8 and A Brief Look at JAWS on Windows 8

In this video I address a question my BFF asked me about why I have such a huge interest in Windows. I address my experiences with Windows 8, and also most recent experience with Apple’s Mac OS X & iOS. I may also switch to Windows Phone 8. I also take extra time to give a super-brief tour of how JAWS 14 is working on Windows 8 Enterprise.

18 Comments on Why Windows 8 and A Brief Look at JAWS on Windows 8

  1. Is JAWS really works in windows 8? and May i know where  i can download JAWS for free? cause i want to install it to my sister laptop it  really helps a lot  for her to have a JAWS on her laptop. So please response…. Thank You! (:

  2. You are going to have any problems with operating systems. I'm looking at a galazy note 2 or a nexus 4 might consider a windows phone 8 idk about accessibility that's whats holding me back from windows phone devices

  3. Agreed, and this is why I feel the best way to experience Windows 8 is through a tablet PC, and not necessarily the desktop PC, or non-touch notebook PC.

  4. Okay, no worries. Thanks again for your help. I just don't want my dad to be too shocked if he can't do some basic things he's used to on Windows of old.

  5. I believe so but the only version of Winodws 8 I've used is the CP & a 90 day eval of Enterprise. I haven't seen RT yet for myself.

  6. I've used Defender in the past, but I haven't really heard much about how it works compared to Avast).

  7. Alright, awesome! Thanks for the response. So just to confirm, he could also create different folders for different pictures of vacations, and load pictures into them?

  8. ohh ok, thank you! 🙂

  9. LOL Man, i totally forgot about that. 🙂

  10. Apple Quicktime player is also one of the only apple programs available for windows.

  11. The RT version of Windows 8 will come preloaded with Office 2013 and it does have a file system. HOWEVER – you CAN NOT install your legacy Windows 8 apps. You can only install apps from the Windows 8 store.

  12. Hey RML, just a question? I"m trying to figure out which tablet is right for my dad. Do the Windows RT devices come with a file system? What I mean is, something like Windows Explorer where you have different folders and stuff.

    For example: Can he use the RT version of Microsoft Word, and save a document into a folder that he created, etc?

    Thanks 🙂

  13. So far the only driver issue I've had was with my thumb drive. I was thinking it was an issue with the VM.

  14. I hate to break the bad news my friend. But, Windows 8 will, and is flopping with consumers. It just doesn't work like Windows should! Driver issues abound, and it's just bad! Win 7 or Linux for me until they fix this mess.

  15. BFF = Best Friend forever – a very close friend of mine was the one that posed the question that got this video going. 🙂

  16. I was wondering, What do you mean by BFF?

  17. If you bought a Windows 8 laptop and end up hating it at least you wouldn't be out of a ton of money lol.

  18. i hate windows 8 im a mac guy and i have 2 windows 7 pc's and 1 mac id never get 8 i cant even say upgrade because i dont consider it an uprgrade.

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