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Why Windows 8 Scares Me

This video gives an overview of Windows 8 and some of the risky design decisions Microsoft made in it. It was designed as a supplement to my blog post on the subject at If you want to fully understand my perspective on Windows 8, you need to read the post.

In this version of the video, I show the preview version of Windows 8 that was current at the time I recorded it. I have revised the video to show the…

50 Comments on Why Windows 8 Scares Me

  1. Spooky shit m8

  2. Oh my.  This video is just pure ridiculousness.

  3. should rename the post to "windows rt…" the intel version is still very much windows and runs same apps

  4. lol luv windows 8 wth are you guys talking about LOL

  5. I think they Beta tested Win 8 on a bunch of glue sniffers.

  6. Win 8 scared the enterprise market off. Most of them are just sticking to Win 7 Pro and server, until they figure out what to do. None of the people I have spoken with have any desire to upgrade to Win 10.

  7. This looks NOTHING like my Windows 8.1 Pro PC.

  8. To me it is not user-friendly if you dolls are desperate expectation of Microsoft I preferred going with Apple more simple to use

  9. Had windows 7 it was infected with virus"s all the time when i went to windows 8 and 8.1 it had built in antivirus and i never get infected anymore plus it was easy to use have a good day.

  10. I updated windows and it kept updating it restarted and went into the loop again I lost my 20 games homework and my drives I hate windows8!!! Stupid idiots are being brainwashed by Microsoft you are the idiots Microsoft made this crap for now I have problems with windows every fucking day!!!!!!!!!!

  11. To slide that thing up, just tap it quickly.

  12. Why do you not know anything about W8? No offense, but maybe you should stick to W-XP. What do you mean "unintuitive" or "tricky"?! It's easy like freaking walking.
    And if that fish is mocking you of not getting things done easily, then you should change your desktop background.

  13. Oh .. I really like to thank you Mr. I watched ur video and learned from you . What I don't understand is those ppl who left a very nasty comment . If you think you have got it , why watch this video..

  14. Anybody laughing at the man. I was like 10 when this came out 2 years ago. I didn't fully get this honestly lol. I still use 7. But Windows 10 looks neat!

  15. Windows 8 has autism. It's simple.

  16. Did you ever try to right click the Windows start button when it appeared? It was one of the first things I did on my Windows 8 when it popped up. Now days with Windows 8.1 the right click still works on the start button and let you access all the important features.

  17. Phew! thank goodness I switched to Mac! Cheers for the heads up.

  18. Winkey + X

    Enough said.

    I hope they keep the Winkey+C in Win9 as well, the charm bar ain't that bad.

  19. you didn't show the Windows Store.

  20. Wait a sec.. Ur voice sounds like Tim Cook ! Seriously!!

  21. windows should keep windows 7 and xp both are much easier to use

  22. People who loves Windows 8 are poop eaters.

  23. Nothing's perfect! I enjoy Windows 7 also Windows 8. I have no problem with Windows 8, I love it instead because I feel like I am using smarpthone in my laptop. lol

  24. Nothing's perfect! I enjoy Windows 7 also Windows 8. I have no problem with Windows 8, I love it instead because I feel like I am using smarpthone in my laptop. lol

  25. the only real problem i have with windows 8: It uses too much cpu. in w7 sometimes its at 0% in 8 is between 5-7%

  26. Everybody says Metro UI is for tablets and phones, but the hard reality is this flat-ish UI design is being adopted across the web and in new operating systems. What bugs me about it is the fonts are so big and functions I like to use are hidden behind strange gestures or menues and it looks so goddamn boring. It's not visually stimulating, just extremely minimalist. And rather than having access to more functions, it seems to give me less just simply because I have to struggle more to gain access to it!!

    It's like one day I'm playing my gameboy and having fun and some jerk comes by and pulls it away and gives me a yellow inflatable ducky. I ask for the gameboy back, but he's like "Eveyrbody happy do ducky? You're too you try. Fun have."

    I'm NOT asking for skuemorphic design or whatever the hell they call it. I"m asking for smaller fonts and more functionality on the screen (not hidden behind mouse movements or awkward menues) and more text instruction or text buttons (text is easier to understand than icons) and to USE the whitespace. I'm also asking for a visually more satisfying experience as opposed to the flat colors which to me are like saying random scribbles on canvas are art. I'm not asking for my calculator app to look like a real calculator, I'm just asking for something that's more than the minimalist flat coloring scheme. Why can't there be a more middle ground?

  27. Yikes! The start button in Windows 8 was MISSING?!?!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. i buy a windows pc for its easy user interface
    then i bought a windows 8 pc……

  29. Are you kidding me… Microsoft copied and pasted windows 7 into windows 8. It's the same stupid thing. It would be a lot better if the full revamped it. At least they would have had something going.

  30. window 8 is difficult to use. ppl who rarely use computer may got fucked up. and end up using apple

  31. You're just "scared" because it's new. Unlike you, you old retarded little fuck, can't accept any changes. You had to waste time to figure out how to drag a fucking screen! People like you should stick to old things. Just leave the new, innovative things alone, so others can enjoy it. Before I got my new computer ( just recently ) I was watching videos like this, saying how bad and shit it is. I thought that I've made a mistake ordering a Windows 8 computer, that I should have watched reviews of Windows 8 beforehand. Now that I got my new computer, I do not regret anything! It feels great, something innovative, something new. You are just too old to accept anything new, you just ruin it for everyone else by making these bullshit videos. You are just confused by the new looks! I confess that it will take some time to get used to, that it's hard to navigate through the different menus at first. Just give it time, you'll get used to it.

  32. Windows 8 is a complete mistake and marks the first time that Windows has broken away from DOS framework. It is a complete break with the past and as different from Windows as Android Jelly Bean. It is the billion-dollar mistake they have to eat with bitter regret until Micrososoft (pun intentional) stock plummets and they go out of business! Man, talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

  33. What? A fish on the wallpaper? Come on Microsoft…do better than that…I mean seriously…Don't use a picture of a fish that the guy thinks is staring at him because that's why he can't get work done.

  34. It's called the 8-80 year old clause. Meaning that Microsoft wants windows to appeal for 8 year olds to 80 year olds.
    They want to sell! SELL! SELL! They don't care about quality. They care about money now.
    Notice how many kids are on tablets these days and how many senior citizens are using computers now? That's Windows 8.
    It has to appeal to everyone. That's why it has basic, child-like graphics that old people need to be easy enough to get online.
    The best course of action now is to either leave Microsoft and go to something a little more adult, i.e. Linux, or hopefully one day…One day, Android will come out with it's own OS for PC's.

  35. acully on windows 8 the start icon is replaced by right clicking the corner where it would be in.

  36. Worst part is Metro UI for Desktop and without touch screen. Metro UI is more like for tablet and touchscreen. Just one little option for classic start menu and Windows 8 will be fine.

  37. As Arte Jonson used to say: "Verrrry Interesting". Did you notice that the bobbles coming
    from the fish logo form an upside-down figure 8?——-as when the flag is flown upside-down as a symbol of distress?  Watch out MS! Your continuous monkeying around with success is starting to make other OS's look very attractive

  38. if your scared by a fucking operating system your going to have a heart attack when you see something that can actually hurt you.

  39. It scars me because it makes Microsoft look like they've all gone CRAZY.

  40. they should have made two version of windows 8.    Windows 8 Computer Edition and Windows 8 Tablet Edition XD

  41. HOW HARD CAN IT FUCKING BE? I could use my windows 8 the day I got it and I didn't even get a tutorial! Come on dumb fucks!!!

  42. thts why people made this word IMPROVMENTS!!!!!!!! u phsycko

  43. This is the problem with the world. Everyone is fucking terrified of change. Change is good. Change is progression. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Windows 8. It is an excellent improvement from Windows 7. The 5000 autists who liked this video are just idiots who don't know how to adapt to a couple of changes in a computer OS. Microsoft adds a simple start menu to their classic desktop OS, and everyone freaks out, and can't handle it. Change = Good. "Be the change you want to see in the world." – Mahatma Gandhi. My work here is done. 😀

  44. first um yes it is windows and if you click the DESKTOP button in the bottom left its almost exactly like any other windows operating system you have used minus the START button oh and that file thing he was explaining is actually just sky drive don't worry it sill has windows file explorer

  45. Same shit, different day.

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