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Why you shouldn't water cool your PC

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AIO water coolers seem to be all the rage, but we’re here to tell you that big air coolers are where it’s at. Probably.

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50 Comments on Why you shouldn't water cool your PC

  1. I have a great aquarium set up, the last thing I need is to maintenance a water cooled pc.

  2. AIO's can be good for small form factor cases too. Ones where you can't have a tall/thicc tower cooler.

  3. Do you know what the coolant in your radiator use to cool down, air flow.

  4. POLSKA GÓRĄ !!!

  5. Liquid nitrogen cooling a computer

  6. Because you are a newb and you should keep it simple.

  7. I would like to see a new comparaison of CPU score using Ryzen 3000 cpus as their Turbo Boost is tied with CPU temperature. I found out that without any more noise, just switching my pump speed profile on the H150i from Silent to Balanced and keeping the fans profile on silet got me about 3-5% more performance. Putting everything on performance would give me a little bit more but the system become audible.

    I would like to see what a Noctua would do in an exact same setup to see if the mass of the water help turbo boosting.

  8. Damn my 4790k at stock doesn't go above 70° with a cheap antec 120 aio.

  9. So you recognize that having a top mounted AIO is not as efficient/effective as a front mounted one and proceed to show marginally worse results by the AIO….

  10. The mistake here is only measuring noise level. People perceive the noise of an air-cooled system as louder because the noise tends to be higher pitched.

    Also, DUST. Ever since I got a water cooler, my computer has been so much easier to dust! The tiny gaps between the fins on most air coolers are a dust trap which must completely ruin cooling if you leave it too long between cleaning sessions too.

  11. Water cooling is but a fancy scam. If you have a proper large radiator with decent space between fins and a 2k rpm cooler capable of creating actual air pressure, you are just fine. All that remains is to get a good thermal paste and learn how to properly apply it. Cost maybe 5x lower than the fanciest AIO and temps are the same in full load provided you have some basic understanding of air flow .
    Less fins with more space in between is better than more fins with less space. Thinner fins dissipate heat faster than thicker fins. The only downside here is that with more powerful coolers, the vibrations of the radiator will make for an improper contact between cpu thermal and the radiator over time, leading to thermal paste drying out and cracking so reapply paste every 6 months, check that you fit the radiator as tight as possible and it's fine. Back in the days of 2008, I had a q660 oc'ed to 3Ghz on a very decent scythe with a huge radiator that came with very thin fins. Results were that even in full load oc'ed, my CPU wouldn't go past 70 or so degrees. And the only extra coolers I had were 2×240 bad case fans on the lateral that didn't help much since the cpu cooler was facing 90degrees of them.

  12. Spoiler results 8:46, u don't need anything else

  13. If you can't afford a full custom water cooling setup, just go air, these aio s are trash and cost to much.

  14. Ehh, I don't regret my purchase of an AIO. Much cleaner look and I didn't even have to take it off when I checked my pc on as luggage when I moved overseas <3

  15. i had an old corsair h50 120mm rad and that thing i bought heavily used, worked amazing for me for 3 years before i built my new system. as far as i know its still going strong after 6+ years.

  16. 81C on a water block only cooling a CPU!? What the hell is Corsair doing?? I have a 1080ti and an OC'd Intel 4770K both watercooled in parallel in a custom loop that's only using a 2x 140mm radiator and neither get above 65C in the heaviest tests I could throw at it…

    I'm calling BS. Either Corsair's closed loops are complete garbage or someone … forgot to put thermal paste on?? How do you get 81C on a water-cooled system…

    Though I do have to say… Noctua is the sh*t. Using their higher pressure fans on this high-fin count radiator is quiet. Very quiet. I have also never ever been disappointed with their tower-style air coolers, either. I am not at all upset about recommending them. I'm just … flabbergasted that you could get such a high temperature on a liquid cooled loop…

  17. Fans make a huge difference in water cooling. I tried out one of those single fan 120mm water coolers and it sucked, so I returned it and got a better version that has a push pull setup on the fans like the noctua air cooler and it worked much much better. You can't just use a regular case fan on it either, it needs to be one with blades that are designed for high static pressure, once again, like what noctua is using. I still use it to this day to cool my overclocked 3770k, a notoriously hot CPU when overclocked. I would like to see this test repeated on an AIO that is using a better fan setup. Also another advantage to water cooling is that you don't have to have a massive case to use it. I would like to have one of those noctua coolers, but I wouldn't be able to put the side back on my case.

  18. Long load during short burst……

  19. Why I use water cool? It look awesome lol

  20. Eh im still planning to do hardline watercooling for my next build

  21. Was the NH-U12S the single or dual fans version?

  22. I wonder… What kind of a setup were you running in this test? I'm curious because I ran the same Class Room demo and my CPU temps stabilized at 64C (almost exactly 40C over ambient), and the run only took about 11min, as opposed to the 16-17min you mentioned on the video.

    My (relevant) computer specs:
    – Asus RoG Maximus XI Hero motherboard
    – i7-9700 OC @ 5GHz (all-core) CPU
    – 32GB G.Skill TridentZ 3600MHz CL15 RAM
    – CoolerMaster H500P Mesh case
    – Arctic LiquidFreezer II 360 AIO for CPU cooling

  23. Now they should compare it with a custom loop

  24. have a 6600k @ 4.8GHz on noctua fan i dont think it will go any faster on better cooling 75c max 1.45v

  25. You say we shouldn't water cool our rigs, yet you built an all-ROG one with a massive liquid cooler and radiator. What's really going on here Linus? With or without…which is it? Also…can I live in your trash can cuz I'm pretty sure I could build an amazing rig just from the components you toss out lol

  26. You say we shouldn't water cool our rigs, yet you built an all-ROG one with a massive liquid cooler and radiator. What's really going on here Linus? With or without…which is it?

  27. AIO is not Water cooling.

  28. If my pc plays my games around 75 to 80C is that good??????

  29. I see what you are doing with those paper towels in that room, you nasty.

  30. Oof. I have the single water cooler..

    So heat sinks are better I need to upgrade

  31. couldn't you just take thermal paste, put it on your cpu. then run thermal tubes from your cpu into a container full of liquid nitrogen?

  32. Apparently World of Tanks will sponsor any BS?

  33. I got a Cooler Master 240 loop that’s cooling my overclocked Xeon x5660 (21×191=4011), the cpu supports 1333Mhz ram but with this oc I’m running at almost 2000Mhz, got a Asus GTX 1070 Strix and can game at 1080p full settings with no bottlenecking, not too bad for a cpu that’s almost 10 years old and costs £30 to buy 🙂

  34. what have i done. now im being oc with my potato pc and fans

  35. that isn't a nh-u12s it is a nh-u12a dumb dumb

  36. "water is better than air", sure, but both coolers use air. The real competition is water vs heat pipes.

  37. At 2:24 what fan is sitting in the rear? Not a stock fan is it?

  38. Custom water loops > Closed systems = Air Cooled.
    Personal preferences here folks….

  39. there are so much parameters to count the rotation of the cooling system the price the noise and especially the air flow
    u should do a video where u compare all theses things to have a good view about it
    im so confuse and im pretty sure im not the only one

  40. Im just useing a small ac from walmart 🙂

  41. Im just useing a small ac from walmart 🙂

  42. This video is an engineers wet dream . Overall an awesome video from LTT

  43. I like how he uses the best Air cooler vs a mediocre water cooler… and when they go by sound he uses a 2 fan air cooler vs a 3 fan air cooler…. I have ran water cooling and air cooling for the last who knows how many years at least 10-15 and i will tell you water cooling has always worked better and usually is quieter… he should redo this test on a regular trash air cooler because using the best air cooler in the world vs a mediocre at best water cooling system makes me think this is a noctua sales pitch.

  44. I like my rig to buzz and rev a bit under stress or boot up.

  45. 7:26 wow 177 degrees Fahrenheit

  46. The reason I want AIO water cooler is because I recently experienced major thermal throttling, while in vr, that wasn’t fun, and I only vacuumed the the van grill and fans less than a month ago, I discovered that my cpu cooler was filled with dust.

  47. the problem with closed loop liquid cooling is that it is a closed loop, and you're dissipating the heat with air anyway

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