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Win More Gunfights! | Pinching & Pressuring Tips & Tricks | Fortnite Battle Royale

We will be talking about pinching & pressuring your opponents with these tips and tricks so you can win more games! This will help you guys win more fights with these techniques / methods. These are methods, tactics & Tips & Tricks that can help you win more!

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37 Comments on Win More Gunfights! | Pinching & Pressuring Tips & Tricks | Fortnite Battle Royale

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  2. How do I win trade fights

  3. How do you kill people during close combat and they're just jumping around the whole time? It's super hard for me to win these battles especially in the beginning

  4. Lol u killed milkyfart 1:13

  5. Positive mind set eh well I definitely need that

  6. Love it bro keep the work

  7. Some gunfights I get into is doodoo, lol thank you for this video! Always love your hard work and effort! ????❤️ that mountain trap is useful I’ll try to do that now ????❤️

  8. Love it always! ????????❤️

  9. I sub you nice tip thanks

  10. Blink how the hell you use the revolver I always miss by a inch it piss me off even shotgun,

  11. Love your videos man, keep up the good work! ????

  12. 550th like and 230th comment

  13. Great video. Digging your videos

  14. A bit too helpful

  15. Nice Dude so awesome how you do it with Replay Mode !

  16. I learned from you know I do solo. Squad in titled and victory

  17. Aggressive intro ????

  18. Investing my time into Fornite more now

  19. Gained a lot of knowledge from your YouTube channel. Keep it up dude


  21. im a noob…i hope this video help me lol

  22. your voice sounds like logic’s voice ????

  23. yo blink i m doing everything but like i have bad shotgun aim how can you improve your aim pls

  24. Great guides, your videos have really helped me build and make decisions a lot more quickly. Thanks blink!

  25. This will be useful

  26. Such high quality content. You deserve more subs brother

  27. Vbucks please for battle pass

  28. I love daily guides keep it up!

  29. can you make a video on your keybindings please

  30. ur vids are so helpful ty

  31. It help me sooo much ACTUALLY thank u

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