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Windows 10 Keeps Restarting Loop FIX Tutorial

FIX : Your PC Ran Into a Problem and Needs to Restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you. (0%)

Issues addressed in this tutorial:

Windows 10 keeps restarting
Windows 10 keeps restarting loop
Windows 10 keeps restarting after shutdown
Windows 10 keeps restarting after login
Windows 10 keeps restarting at login
Windows 10 keeps restarting with blue screen
Windows 10 keeps restarting after install
Windows 10 keeps restarting during installation
Windows 10…

30 Comments on Windows 10 Keeps Restarting Loop FIX Tutorial

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  2. idk if you are still replying but when i go to command prompt it asks me to sign in with the administrator account but i forgot the password since my laptop is a few years old, anyway to fix this?

  3. for me my computer keeps resetting


  4. What would I do next if after typing "copy . backup" it says "BBI Overwrite backupBBI? (Yes/No/All):"? Before i typed in "copy . backup", i typed in MD Backup20 coz i already tried using MD Backup1 up to MD Backup10 and after i try using those it says "a subdirectory or file Backup already exists". Please help me ????

  5. Thanks I did it and it worker pressed continue and it’s happening again

  6. Thank you hope it works pressed continue

  7. The Acer screen keeps flashing off n on

  8. When I type in dir I only find windows in caps

  9. I'm crying rn for my pc hope it works

  10. Continue isn’t showing up

  11. (C:>CD windowssystem32config) is not recognized by my PC how to do it

  12. It says startup repair couldn’t repost your pc when I try to do anything?!! Please help

  13. why tf isnt microsoft making videos on this. also I see this video is 2 years old and im dealing with the same issue today. dis is bs

  14. If you have all zeroes, what DO you do? Since you make it clear your solution wont work, what will?

  15. Even just formatting a damn windows 10 is so hard am going back to my windows 68


  17. Simpler than this video TAKE OUT MEMORY AND PUT IT BACK simpel and works 90 %

  18. It worked for my Windows 8.1!
    thumbs up

  19. My profile is gone & to do any of this it needs a administrator password & I have. I have no idea what that is

  20. Where do I got to find this utility?
    Edit: How do I fix it if it has zeros?

  21. It just take me back to repair screen

  22. Thanks a lot ????????

  23. everything works fine in cmd. but still windows is stuck in boot loop…. any idea how to fix ?

  24. Windows 10 sucks… So much bugs

  25. My pc had this problem. I just turned it off and back on and boom it statrted without any problem but I will still this video account for future reference. Thank

  26. I did exactly what you said to do step by step and my pc even had the zeros at the end and now my pc says it needs to be repaired, it was a brand new pc and it just arrived this morning and my younger brother unplugged it a couple seconds after turning it on for the first time and screwed it up.

  27. I cant type this plz help

  28. Nice video success full trick tq
    I'm Indian

  29. My pc downloaded malware chromium I am locked out help

  30. What do I do if I had the same zeros like you did where u told me not to go any further

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