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Windows 10 tips and tricks How to activate the Preview Päne in file explorer

Using the preview pane in File explorer lets you view a preview of almost any files in Windows 10

14 Comments on Windows 10 tips and tricks How to activate the Preview Päne in file explorer

  1. Are you able to roate the page in the window pane. My window 7 was able to donit if you right clicked on the window pane and the option would pop up i dont see that option in the 10 version.

  2. hi, do you know maybe how to make text in preview pan available for copy-paste options? I just do not want to open files but to be able to select something right from the preview pan and copy it somewhere. I have w10 but i remember in some previous versions this was possible…not sure if it is because of w10 or some settings….

  3. In my windows 10…the preview pane sticks out and off its original place…is on my left and if i open another program…say crome…it sticks out over the chrome…like it is not part of file explorer…the only thing i can do is minimize the file explorer or deselect the file that was selected…DOES someone know anything about this?

  4. it just shows PDF file but doesn't open. why?

  5. can you help, for some reason my pc wont show anything I pick to see

  6. Is it possible to automatically play a video in preview pane

  7. My preview pane shows the same pic for every file. How can I change it to preview each individual file?

  8. can we move preview pane on the bottom of the screen from currently right hand side??

  9. I can't view mp3 files

  10. Yes I use it and I like it but I would like to set it differently from a file to another like my picture file would be set to view at a certain size and my movie file would be set on details, I would like to save it but you just can set it once and no matter what files you open it the same setting…..?

  11. great. makes it a lot easier to clean out/up

  12. what is this eng and us

  13. oh yeah, keep'em coming, I've a traumatic head injury, it helps big time for others & me as well

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