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Windows 7 & 8 – Black Screen With Cursor at Start-up FIX

Windows 7 & 8 – Black Screen With Cursor at Start-up FIX
Black Screen With Cursor at Start-up Windows 7 Windows 8
Boot the windows 7 or windows 8 system to the blank black screen.

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30 Comments on Windows 7 & 8 – Black Screen With Cursor at Start-up FIX

  1. use windows7, do you have other method? this method my computer not working. when startup ctrl + Alt +Del does not show Task Manager

  2. Great video , I have a hp prebook wind 7 that does really all the same steps that youve mentioned but when I get " repair … ''  it ask to connect to network , or called the administrator '' windows it sets the website ))) no where to a trick , so I just hit escape an go back again to back screen + cursor….  any solution for this one please Thank you

  3. Dude ur processe get faild but my processes still running. And its now 30 minit goes it doesn't work

  4. I don’t have that “repair computer” option. Is that exclusively a windows 8 thing?

  5. This is exactly the problem I have, so I followed along, and, lo and behold, came to the same end. Thank you for the guide! At least I know what's wrong.

    Now to the problem of affording a new harddrive…

  6. Sir, I did as it shown in the video. The problem is in C directory. After the last scan as shown in video, it showed that some files were corrupted and has been repaired property. I closed all tabs and I restarted. But problem still persisting

  7. Okay, warning to anyone still waiting for the video to load: Take your headset off, or turn down your volume. That was one hell of a beep at the beginning, my ears are still ringing.

  8. I have a problem in my C: drive computer said he not recognized the drive that I type plss help me..

  9. Every time i started my laptop, it just gets on for three to four seconds before getting black with a blunt sound. I took assistance from the toll free number +1 -888-828-5947. it helped me to a great extent in fixing the issue, will suggest you all the same.

  10. Hi, I get a " failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50" flash when i try the last method with the "chkdsk /f/r command", I am stuck… although thanks for the video,it is very mice

  11. Great Video …. call 1-844-353-5969 for any online assistance on windows technical problems ….

  12. Thank u so fking much

  13. When I did dir e: it said device is not ready

  14. I have this problem on a pc that only runs Fujifilm software and can’t get past the “repair your computer “ option because I don’t have admin access.

  15. How my computer just shows back black screen with cursor

  16. Oh no, I chose the wrong hd (check disk step)! What have I to do now? Can I do the same for the right hd once after the chkdsk scan has been completed?

  17. Hello, firstly I have to thank you for the pretty in-depth und very helpful video. I'm currently doing the check disk step for hard drive C. Is it possible to do the same for another hard drive E without overwritting the first one? Thanks for quick answering.

  18. for those people who think the cause of the black screen in window 7 is that you deleted some files……you should try this..

    1 when its already black screen press the restart button on CPU
    2 go to safe mode
    3 go to recycle bin then restore everything
    4 then you press again the restart button on CPU
    5 go to start windows normaly
    6 just wait and wait

    that steps that i say .it works to me ….because before that issue black screen to me i deleted every some files then i restart my computer and it goes to blackscreen…now you just follow that steps…!!!! i think that will work for you..! 🙂

  19. Hi! I get black screen with cursor when boot with Windows RE from DVD. What I have to do?

  20. The sticky keys dialogue box shows up, what do i do next???

  21. There is a black screen on my pc during startup due to Windows scanning and repairing and I'm unable to find a solution plz plz plz help me

  22. Thanks a lot man

  23. Thank you so much ! My lifesaver

  24. does doing this all at the same time destroy it more?

  25. I'm at 9:21 and so far it's going well.. praying that it's gonna "check out" and be fine..

  26. Got the error with screen completely black with cursor. I did:
    – check hard drive test, said 0 bytes in bad sectors so assuming hdd is fine
    – integrity test showed no violations so yeah,
    – cant do the other stuff cos i wiped the hdd clean cos wanted to repartition my windows drive.

    Now what do i do?? Other then buy new hdd.

  27. December 2017 here! Chkdsk works for me. It says something about “windows replaced bad cluster” and this method takes about 30-40 mins for me. and I sincerely thank you uploader. U save my night. You’re a lifesaver. THANK YOU SO MUCH ????

  28. I don't have the option of repair your computer

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