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16 Comments on Windows 7 new Task Manager Part 1

  1. hi – were can i view the second video?

  2. Mr V- at 14:03 you launch Process Explorer.  Does that come installed on (any) Windows OS by default, or is it an extra tool that I need to acquire from elsewhere?  Thank you…  Joe

  3. The first task manager doesn't show up only the second thing.. Process explorer.. how do i work with the task manager it every time i try to run it that damn Process explorer shows up every time..

  4. Very Helpful and explained very well.

  5. Why does MS make this so hard to uncover. Great stuff.

  6. really helpful video lot of thanks

  7. I wish I could understand this.

  8. i dont have option select a view.??
    oh i em ok..

  9. Thank you so much, knowledge is power.

  10. Thank you for sharing your wisdom

  11. You should be featured on youtube. This material is very good.

  12. mate i have one problem with the processes one who cold processe hibernate system and he makes the cpu working in 70% and more.when im presing end procers he sows error why?

     KK MOTION PICTURES = kk-motion-pictures

  14. um… i have no process tab or any other tabs besides the tasks bar

  15. thnx for posting what did you close out i didnt see?

  16. Awesome very detailed explanation. Exactly what I was looking for – in-depth thingy. Thank you very much!

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