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windows 7 Trick-hide drives,files and folders coolest tricks

heres the link for how to bring copy to and move to options in your right click menu-

14 Comments on windows 7 Trick-hide drives,files and folders coolest tricks

  1. Cant understand you. Please redo the video.

  2. Cant understand you

  3. haha i had the same wallpaper on my old comp

  4. He sounds like he works for Dell.

  5. Sshhh..!! Their parents are sleeping… Are you an Indian..?!

  6. i hear little girl sceaming too… oh wit i am murdering her!!! muahahah

  7. is it me or can i hear a little girl screaming!!??

  8. @sollembum78 a mac is a computer but not a pc lol, though thats the only example i can think of… otherwise yeah they are the same most of the time

  9. cant understand shit what u talking!
    anyway… maybe i only wanna hide a specific folder where i store my porn xD or folder with anykind of personal files? and would have possibility to open it with password.
    and btw the registry tweak is already added to w7 extreme edition:P

  10. @mktanny Aren't Computer and Personal Computer (PC) the same?

  11. @smokeywcc
    as far I know you can use this on any computer or pc

  12. i know how to do this on a standard computer or laptop but how do you do it on a netbook with windows 7??? i need help

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