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Windows 7/8 Tutorials?

What’s up guys! Whatever Wednesdays is here. And for this video, I’ll be discussing wether you guys want windows 7 or windows 8 tutorials as well for upcoming videos in the future.

Leave a comment in the comment section below, wether you want windows 7 or windows 8 tuts. I need at least 10+ comments please. To make an eligible vote.

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8 Comments on Windows 7/8 Tutorials?

  1. Windows 8 + Windows 8.1 ! But Both Work On the Same Way, Its Okay For Either One.

  2. Thank you Rikki! Im glad you watch my tutorials.

  3. W8.1 tutorials i think would get you more views, now that peop'e are updating.

  4. I'm a Mac OSX user but I would probably want to see windows 8 tuts coz that software is more confusing than win 7 for some people

  5. I just watched your video. No, I'm a OS X user. But I also have Windows 7. Windows 8 is gay!

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