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Windows 8.1 on Thin Client

Windows 8.1 on Thin Client
Installing Windows 8.1 on Thin Client
Thin client with windows 8.1 installed on it.
wyse thin client V10L installed windows 8.1 on it.
put 2 gb of ram and an 80gb IDE drive.

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7 Comments on Windows 8.1 on Thin Client

  1. what happens if you put Windows Embedded 8.1 on this?
    Any chances of working faster and using less resources?

  2. Месье знает толк в извращениях… а на калькуляторе слабо восьмерку запустить?

  3. Why would you ever do this? it's just a totally pointless exercise. two and a half minutes to boot…?
    Why did I even watch the sped up version of this shit..

  4. Wish me luck. Doing it now

  5. You have frequency controls in the bios,so why not slap a fan of that thing and overclock it until you can actually run win8

  6. hi Just purchased Wyse 1.5 Ghz CPU thin client and would like to install Win XP on it. Do you think it is possible?
    BIOS can only see Flash disk as 128 MB, but I am thinking I could use USB stick or external USB HD as a disk. Thoughts?

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