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44 Comments on Windows 8.1 troubleshooting wifi problems

  1. if your laptop is showing wifi but it is turned off and it can't be turned on, then read the following:

    If you can’t turn on wifi from your laptop, make sure you have turned on wifi physically from the laptop! On some laptop, you have to press some function key which has wifi symbol. On some laptops, there is a physical wifi on/off slider below trackpad.

    I had this same problem of unable to turn on wifi from Windows 8. My laptop is Sony Vaio E series. I thought virus damaged computer system files and caused this problem. So, I ran antivirus and it quarantined many viruses but still the problem was not solved. After searching for solution online and trying different methods for 3 hours, finally I just reinstalled Windows. But still the problem remained. Then I suddenly remembered that there is a physical wifi on/off slider just below laptop trackpad. I turned it on and it solved the problem.

    As I had turned the wifi slider ON many years ago, I completely forgot about that thing. I looked there and it was turned off! Unknown to me, I turned it off accidentally. I was clearing my computer table and I moved the laptop to another place. During that time, somehow my hand touched wifi on/off slider and turned it off accidentally.

  2. Just restart he laptop or PC

  3. I watched many videos but your method works for me. Tqvm. 😀

  4. THANK YOU….. 🙂

  5. THANK YOU MATE! you just helped me just now! Thanks!!!!!

  6. Under airplane mode where its supposed to be wireless devices it says in red color "we couldn't find wireless device on this pc"… help

  7. What should be done when the WiFi on/off button is gone and clicking on wifi icon only opens network panel that says no connections are available?
    Also, there's ⚠️ on Bluetooth adapter. When i uninstall, restart and update the driver, it switches back to ⚠️

    My hp did a bios repair on its own a few days back. Could these things be related to WLAN card corruption?

  8. My wireless connection button is gray and I can not turn it on

  9. I don't have network adopters bro

  10. And in airplan mode wirless dievice only show bluethoth

  11. I have probelum in my laptop dell 8.1 window does not show wi fi only show connections

  12. Ooof you saved me!! Lol the WiFi symbol on my keyboard was orange had to hit many times and it came on.. Thanks :-)))

  13. I need some help. Do I need to unnistall the one that has "wireless" in it?

  14. Does this work in PC too???

  15. Hey thanx.. this method worked for me.. #Yellow Traingle ⚠️

  16. hey my wifi connect but internet not run by it

  17. Wow, the uninstall bad driver, restart totally works!!! Wifi Back! You're the man, bro. Thank you!

  18. plz help me
    No wifi option no aeroplane mode option nothing in windows 8.1

  19. Thank alot it works

  20. My Wi-Fi is receiving 1/8th of the speed by laptop and my other devices can get it's full speed

  21. in my laptop wifi network doesn't show…

  22. Sir in my laptop window 8 my WiFi connected but I have changed my password so I'm unable to reconnect

  23. I can't turn on my wireless devices

  24. I need help.When I connect my laptop to wifi then the laptop stops working.And I need to shut down my Laptop by removing it's battery.Its is running Windows 8.1 in my Laptop.Please help me!And all the drivers are updated in my Laptop now.


  26. Thanks it's working????????????????????????????thanks a lot

  27. My laptop has wireless wifi i always use it but when i reseted my pc i only have Ethernet and VPN but no wireless please help

  28. My wifi only opens specific websites…….and apps like Netflix and Asphalt 8 airborne does not connect with my wifi…i need help!

  29. Here's my problem it shows my wifi and on all my other devices it works fine and is fast but for my computer it shows the wifi but it just doesn't connect, and I checked the drivers and they are fine so my problem is it just won't connect

  30. Instead of wifi key there is the blutooh one Help

  31. what should i do …?

  32. i see the wifi but if i update it says ur network connections is problem…?

  33. i tried to unstall and now im restarting it

  34. I don't even have an airplane mode on my pc -_-

  35. please help me! ???? my windows 8.1 laptop Vaio keep restarting after I connect it on wifi

  36. Check for a button or switch on the back or side of your PC or laptop. It may have an icon that looks like an atenna with wifi signals coming off if it. I found mine. Switched it and wifi is working now.

  37. thank you sososo much ❤

  38. I'm on desktop and have tried this all. I've went as far as to factory restart my PC, and am still getting the red X. The only option I have to connect to is ethernet, which I don't use. The wifi local area connection is gone. Anyone know a fix?

  39. tank u so so much u are a good teacher

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