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Windows 8.1 Tutorial with Keyboard Shortcuts – Laptop/Desktop

Windows 8.1 tutorial for beginners and people that want to learn how to better use the new Windows operating system.

Meant for laptop or desktop, with or without touchscreen

Topics covered:
• Start Screen organization
• Remove the Start Screen/Go to Desktop on startup
• Preferences for Start Screen, Charm Bar, Multiple Monitors
• Creating App shortcuts on Desktop
• PC Settings
• Search Bar Settings
• Explanation of types of Apps
• Create a tile on the Start Screen for a…

11 Comments on Windows 8.1 Tutorial with Keyboard Shortcuts – Laptop/Desktop

  1. thank you for this tutorial. It is extremely helpful!!

  2. Are you going to uload one on W10? cheers

  3. ok I have a question concerning windows 8.1 desktop…… mine is full with apps…. how do i view them all….. i know i need to make folder to start putting them in but untill then  how can i see them all  i have a touch screen but i can not move the desktop like the start page ( side way's to see more apps)  unless there is a setting that i do not know about…please advise    Thanks so much  Karen

  4. So, my keyboard is on a setting where its is the shortcut mode. How do i change it to just a regular typing mode? Im trying to type up something, but i cant bc i keep pulling tabs up w/ the keys.


  5. Answer please, Pkay so I'm playing a game and I try to presss F1 putnothing appen how to turn off the symbols?

  6. hill climb racing…
    how can i download android apps?

  7. What a nice tutorial bro,thanks for sharing it all :)

  8. Very useful tutorial

  9. nice, fluid tutorial … love shortcuts

  10. Thank you for this tutorial. I badly needed it!

  11. This is a great pretty complete basic tutorial for people upgrading to windows 8.1. I watched it

    Windows 8.1 Tutorial with Keyboard Shortcuts – Laptop/Desktop

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