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31 Comments on Windows 8.1 | Using a Second Screen

  1. How do you connect a ps4 to this monitor/computer

  2. how to extend laptop to laptop???

  3. but no see their sir

  4. My Windows 8 computer keeps popping the project screen I have to fix it

  5. i can't windows logo and p, it couldn't go to second screen

  6. Thank u sir am really trapped with second screen projection only and ur video provide me the solution

  7. He is the best he saved my laoi

  8. But i want to see what is happening on my tablet on my laptop.

  9. Даже русский разобрался) Спасибо

  10. Can you help me? " Project to a connected screen" appears continuously and i can't login to my computer.

  11. yo THX man i just fixed my screen thx so much!

  12. how do u freeze the second screen

  13. please somebody help me, the menu on projecting to second screen keep to pop out every time I start my laptop.
    Thank you in advance guys.

  14. I have problem with PC screen only, when i launch game or something on extend what is in fullscreen, this game or something is minimizes and computer change from Extend to PC screen only and i have upside-down screen, when i repair this to extend and i launch this game, it doing this again. :/

  15. thanks for windows key plus p

  16. Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  17. I clicked on second screen now my laptop screen is black. ..

  18. what is the problem of my laptop. it keeps opening even if im not doing it.. help me bro.

  19. you helped me so much!


  21. I have all settings when i choose one my second monitor stays blank whats going on?

  22. I have this error coming your pc can't project another screen. try re installing the drive

  23. help how can i have my screen back?!! i just click out the second screen

  24. I hit second screen only! And now i cant get back to my pc Help!! Nothing shows on the second screen

  25. Umm can anyone help me? I been trying to figure out why my second screen is broken. It shows 90 percent of it, but the other 10 percent is on the right side of the screen which cuts the pm next to the time and cuts out the 015 part in 2015. It just really bothers me. If anyone can help please reply or message me. Thank You!

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