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32 Comments on Windows 8 Beginner Tutorial: Overview, Tips & Tricks

  1. very helpful with basic mobility and design, thank you.

  2. Information non disponible

  3. I had started to think about new Windows after my current pretty cool XP …

  4. Excellent video. Very clear and organized. Thank you.

  5. How did you make a Tab for PC Tools, Documents, etc on the right like that?

  6. Windows 8 is fucked……Nothin but hate for it…..!!!

  7. I will NEVER get used to that crappy looking 3-eyed fangled monster called Windows 8. When M$ tried to shove Vista down our throats, I stayed with XP for years afterwards. I simply refuse to use total garbage like that and we shouldn't have to resort to using 3rd party apps to keep fixing M$'s blunders. 

    Instead, M$ should listen to their consumer base and act in accordance with the users wishes and feedback. And don't even get me started about their new Houdini based activation scheme for OEM computers. How dare any company come off that smug and indifferent to its user base, and then have the nerve to shove such a horrible looking OS down our throats. M$ is going to screw itself again and time will show such to be true. If you read some of the posts in other threads about how controlling and predatory M$ is acting in regards to the new activation and UEFI, etc………then I hope people will really stand strongly against it. M$ has always been predatory and that is not news to anyone, but they have taken it to a new level this time!

  8. u need to talk louder

  9. Excellent tutorial thank you.

  10. Wonderful tutorial. Thank you.

  11. Excellent tutorial.  I learned more from you than all of the others combined.  Good speed, easy to follow with great instructions.  Thanks so much!

  12. Great tut man thanks. How did you get the desktop icons in the little black like bins that are named on the desktop?

  13. you sound like fez from that 70's show

  14. The best tutorial ever. Thank you

  15. Miguel, Gracias hermano, this is the most that I have learned about windows 8.  You explain everything very well, I'm sure there is more to this but this is for beginners.  I feel pretty good now and am doing more now, Thank You

  16. Thank you pal for your tips.

  17. very helpful – thank you

  18. Does the windows download thing in the description work?

  19. I know, there are programs that restore the start menu. I just don't really care for Windows 8 all together. I've subscribed, and I'll check out the video later.

  20. Check my channel I have another video explaining that

  21. Check my channel I have another video explaining that

  22. Check my channel I have another video explaining that

  23. Check my channel I have another video explaining that

  24. Windows Ehnternet Exploder LOL

  25. gross windows 8 looks like some gay apple ios……

  26. Thanks for your help with Windows 8. I hated it at first. But you have helped me tremendously to not be so aggregated.

  27. Hey Miguel, on the right side of your desktop, there are these 5 boxes that contain apps like microsoft office, media player, pc tools, etc. How do u get that?

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