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Windows 8 – Beginners Guide Part 2 – Quick Access Menu [Tutorial]

This video tutorial provides those new to Windows 8 a basic introduction to the Windows 8 Quick Access Menu. The Quick Access Menu is a menu providing easy access to key Windows 8 management utilities and options. This is primarily intended for computer technicians and power users. These utilities used to be spread through Windows and now they are all accessible from the Quick Access Menu.

19 Comments on Windows 8 – Beginners Guide Part 2 – Quick Access Menu [Tutorial]

  1. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to create these professional, well done, instructional Windows 8 + video's. You saved me a lot of time and spared me from certain frustration.  

  2. Thanks bro , this is my new windows and i wanted help , so u helped me , thanks again :)

  3. hello to chris's class

  4. Thank you! Now I know how to use my Windows 8! :)

  5. great tut, but why there's no disk D and C like on 7, this is so confusing. should I store all my files and stuff just on disk C? :(

  6. Thank you very much for the easy to understand instructions.  Very grateful for your help.

  7. Glad I discovered these tutorials. Very helpful!

  8. What did u choose express setting or customize setting

  9. this was really helpful,thankyou

  10. Nice to know the stuff for a dummy like me and easy to follow

  11. Awesome Tutorials Thank you Sir

  12. Thank you!! You went straight to what I was looking for

  13. sounds like my Microsoft comfort mouse 6000, could be wrong though.

  14. Nice pace. You tell what will happen, then display the method. No surprises make the content easy to follow. I removed Win 8, but will try it again! Many thanks!!

  15. GREAT tutorial. thank you for helping others with this great tool!

  16. Thanks for your affort

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