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Windows 8 -Gaming and Steam- Tutorial

I had a comment below that asked how does windows 8 work with gaming experience. So here is my take on things.

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19 Comments on Windows 8 -Gaming and Steam- Tutorial

  1. why cant I download steam. it always says "not authorized by appstore"

  2. Will it work well on a laptop

  3. Does steam still properly run on 8.1? Interested in getting the acer aspire and does not run windows 10, think I'll manage? The sale where it is 70$ off ends August 15th so please answer asap! Please help!

  4. hey does steam also works with a cracked or stolen games

  5. Sadly, this does not solve my problem: almost every game I run will automatically shut down or become a smaller pop-up screen and become black. This problem also happens when trying to use Fraps to record games. – Suggestions?

  6. hi i like your video really much but it doesnt help my problem when i install the exe file from the internet and when it finish i wanna open it it opens for a sec and then closes again any solution ?

  7. get to the fucking point! FUCK!

  8. I need to delete my client registry file for steam but I am having trouble finding it on Windows 8!  :@

  9. if you can tell me how to fix the 'steam is having trouble with connecting to server' error, that would be great

  10. i have the error "Your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart nad we will restart fr you" its very annyong error which in steam apperas when i run Quake 3 arena and try to switch the videos of my friend broadcasts and those on the game to full screen so HOW TO FIX ? PLEASE TELLL!! :(((

  11. it don't work u cant get steam for windows 8 it only works for windows 7,XP,vistor, and mac that's all I know

  12. about 2:25 minutes in the video you chose cable, what was the question? also, can you get steam on a surface if you have a keyboard?

  13. Fucking tired of trying, my desktop will not cooperate w/ steam. When i install it, the login screen appears, and I log in. It then takes me to the loading account screen or whatever, then it fucking quits. And when i retry to open it, It has to reinstall the updates to it. I currently have windows 8.1… can someone help me?

  14. when i double click on my games in steam it doesn't do anything, that's when i discovered the big screen button but when i click on it the screen starts flashing and just turns black. is the problem the PC or steam? 

  15. when i installed steam the steam subscriber agreement never showed up like it did for you squallxgamer and it always says that its not responding anybody else get that?

  16. Hey i have a problem with windows 8. I can play any of my games off steam. I double click them and nothing happens even after a clean install nothing. I also tried minecraft it gives me a error saying that i need to update my graphics drivers but i have it updated already. I have a ATI Radeon HD 4500 graphics driver. Everything has worked on windows 7. 32bit. But i upgraded to a windows 8 64bit. And yes my system can use a 64 bit os. I have a intel core 2 cpu 6600 @ 2.40GHz for both cores. Can anyone help please

  17. Does it get a virus?

  18. It works on my PC windows 7, but on my laptop windows 8 doesn't work. Anyone know what is wrong?

  19. Does it work fine even if you don't have a touch screen?

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