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WINDOWS 8: How to add the start button!

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Don’t like using the new Metro UI interface?

In this video, learn how to put the start button and start menu back in Windows 8 with Vistart or Start8.

27 Comments on WINDOWS 8: How to add the start button!

  1. how to remove the start button after inserting?

  2. maleware xD dont bother

  3. thanks man it worked

  4. I would go for start 8

  5. Popup has maleware!

  6. Thanxxxxxxxx a lot

  7. i dont like windows 8 much 

  8. super likes brother..thanx


  10. Thanks 😀

  11. thank you makes my work more easier!

  12. I have Windows 8.1 Pro and the start button is back.

  13. the winrar archive is corrupted 🙁

  14. it was good but mines wasn't the original one

  15. Windows 8 is shit

  16. Thanks man it was great

  17. Thanks – it seems to have worked though some screens and things appeared during installation that were a bit different. If I'd known Windows 8 was going to be so difficult to use, I'd never have got it installed but it came with the laptop I bought. There is one basic problem with Windows 8 and that is it is unintuitive. If it were intuitive then there wouldn't need to be so much help available everywhere for it! But I'm very glad there is, otherwise I'd still be staring at that apps screen.

  18. thanks a lot man. it worked
    but how do u remove the windows 8 start that pops up

  19. Thank you, so freaking much

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