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17 Comments on Windows 8 – How to install skype

  1. I have it downloaded but I don't know how to set it up. My friend said its easy but it seem VERY hard.

  2. i Have installed but again it says you have new skype get the updates but when i click that i had some updates and i did it .again wen i opened the skpe it gves me the same comment get the update but wen i clickd it,it says no updates.i really dont knw how to make it work plese help

  3. Thanks Bro You really Helped ima Subscribe

  4. I used to have it on my windows 8 and I trying to get it again cus my dad deleted it and it say I have to eter a Microsoft password and I don't have Microsoft and it didn't do that before

  5. when i go on the store it doesnt want to load it just stays on the page

  6. When i search on skype it comes up skype wifi and when i download it it doesent show up on the right side what should i do?

  7. when i click on skype , it opens , and after 2 sec it closes 🙁

  8. I just cant work out how to get it to fit my monitor that size…grrr

  9. it downloads in a .part file how do i open the .part file? and my windows store app wont work it takes LITTERER 3 days to open i even tried it took 3 days.

  10. does installing this have a risk?

  11. How do set my audio? I can hear the person I'm talking to too but they can't hear me.

  12. How do you install the desktop version of skype? because I couldnt find it on the microsoft store.

  13. yes and they are useless for the kind of videos I make

  14. No I installed the desktop version .. you have to go through the microsoft store for the metro version … there is a desktop version and this is what I show here

  15. have you heard of screen recorders ?

  16. how do u share screens

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