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WINDOWS 8 – How To Restore the Start Menu and Disable Metro

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20 Comments on WINDOWS 8 – How To Restore the Start Menu and Disable Metro

  1. Another person whithout RPenabled! (windows 64)

  2. do not see the rp enabled under the registry

  3. I don't see RPEnabled

  4. I can't launch it I got error 65535

  5. its work only win 8.0

  6. it dosent work on win 8.1 , help me pls !

  7. I don't have RPEnabled, can I create one in the explore folder and change the value to 0? Is going to work? If didn't work is it going yo harm my system? I noticed from some utube video the RPEnabled created within DWORD-32 but I have 64bit should I create dword 32 or 64? Please advise. Thanks

  8. I have no " RP enabled "
    what to do

  9. FYI this doesn't work on newer versions of Win8. Microsoft patched it and that registry key no longer exists. Luckily there is always StartIsBack :-)

  10. No need for regedits. Just use ClassicShell… which also has many other great features. And its absolutely FREE! Google it!

  11. It says this video was uploaded on Oct 15, 2011. How can that be if Windows 8 didn't come out until Oct 2012??? Strange indeed.

  12. Try downloading claasic share.

  13. ive followed the route above but cant find same files that you've found, can you explain what can be the reason

  14. You dont have to restart computer.  All you need is logout and login again. Registry settings like that are applied when user logs in.

  15. my windows 8 features wont work, the search wont work or the start screen. its like metro has been disabled. Any help?


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