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20 Comments on Windows 8 – Microsoft Account – Benefits & How To Convert From Local [Tutorial]

  1. I CANT! when I click "switch to a Microsoft account" it takes a long time to load up then it says:looks something went wrong, we cannot change your account to a Microsoft account, Code: blablabla and all that crap what do I do?

  2. Dude!!! i cant click the " switch to Microsoft account" button… its blank and not clickable…. what do i do???

  3. does it cost money???

  4. I have a question since it is quite relevant towards your video since it is about if you have a local account do you have the privileges of installing and downloading other programs such as WinRAR, Steam and all sorts? Reply soon please, it's quite urgent.

  5. What happens if you can't sign in

  6. my cousin thinks that u need a credit card to make a Microsoft account,
    is it true?


  7. i am not getting "switch to microsoft account" dialog please help me

  8. I'm usually too lazy to comment, but you.!! Thank you so much.!!

  9. how can i be shure that microsoft will not give me a huge bill for a pirated windows 8?


  11. when i type in my microsoft account after my local account password, it just endlessly loads, and never prompts me to put in my password for my microsoft account… no matter how long i wait??? HELP?

  12. my windows 8 name is mohamed galalah

  13. Your password can't contain your first name:. what's this?? why?

  14. Best tutorials I have seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your hard work!

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