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Windows 8 Preview 2012 Tricks & How to access Apps

Windows 8 touch screen apps are easy to access quickly. In this tutorial you will see many ways to access your touch screen Apps fast and easily. In Windows 8 consumer preview there is more than one way to access an app. Windows 8 apps screen and the metro interface both will allow you to access your Apps.

Windows 8 is the next generation Windows operating system from Microsoft. It was released on Feb 29 2012 for consumer preview. The OS has a new icon start menu called Metro Interface….

8 Comments on Windows 8 Preview 2012 Tricks & How to access Apps

  1. I'll just wait until the full release and could you make a video on it when it's out
    so i can see what's the differences please 😉
    and thanks for your opinion on it.

  2. Hard to say, the Windows 8 preview is just that a preview. Its not the commercially release version which is yet to be released. When it is released I'm sure that many including myself will be testing the commercially released version for performance attributes and functionally. Until than, the preview version is not fine tuned for performance but its all we have to work with for now.

  3. Which is better in performance in your opinion nick?
    Windows 7 or Windows 8,
    if Windows 8 I may upgrade to it because i don't mind with the new look just as long as performance are a bit better

    so what do you think nick?

  4. Not yet. But Windows 8 will be available for tablets and lots of good Apps will also be available too.

    i mean apps? are they good?

  6. Glad my videos are helping you out. Thanks for the comment.

  7. You're videos are very informative and helpful. Thanks !

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