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Windows 8 Pro Tutorial 22 – Movie Maker – Free Download Link

Movie Maker is a free download at Microsoft’s website:

Movie Maker is part of the Windows Live / Essentials Software Suit. Other programs in the suit include:

Outlook Connection Pack
Photo Gallery

Movie Maker works with both pictures and video.

18 Comments on Windows 8 Pro Tutorial 22 – Movie Maker – Free Download Link

  1. Ain't available for rt or 8.1

  2. thanks it helped me alot <3

  3. when I try to download It it says im all caugt up

  4. Oh hai! Have you tried – Danga Video Pro Maker (do a google search)? Ive heard some super things about it and my m8 got great money with it. 

  5. Amazing video. Creating music is my life. I have always wanted to become a DJ. I've created a couple of songs and finally I'm very close to publishing my first demo. After extensive research I finally found the best software for beat creation for 2014. I posted a link to this program on my channel. check it out.

  6. I was half way through using and then yellow errors appeared all over….lost all the work I did!!!! Anyone know why?? I tried 2 different videos and same thing! Very frustrating! !

  7. Any chance you could explain how to turn a facebook video in to something that can be converted into a gif using gifffr? Thanks

  8. Okay well i used to make videos with WMM for XP all the time, only with poor quality imported videos from a cellphone. Now with WMM for win8 I have a problem. I recorded Skyrim gameplay with Fraps and it has quite good quality. The preview screen in WMM shows a really really bad quality and when I export it in High Def, the video had slightly worse quality than the source until there is movement. Movement totally blurs the whole screen and in a game you do a lot of looking around. Any idea how to fix this? I don't really like that even the supposed High Def has bad quality….

  9. Very well explained. What feature would I use to combine a number of video clips into one smooth video?

  10. Is it possible in movie maker to save a video as unedited and resave a edited version as well?

  11. Great job!!!!!!!

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