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Windows 8 Release Preview Walkthrough TTT: Tips & Tricks & Things

Join me as I show off some of the changes and other features that are included in the recently released Windows 8 Release Preview.

This is the final public release of the next Windows operating system from Microsoft before it heads to manufacturers and the general public.

Full list of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts at

20 Comments on Windows 8 Release Preview Walkthrough

  1. Get windows 8 free with utorrent

  2. This is great and very informative! I added it to my youtube faves,and I thank you for the tutorial! Great job!

  3. does win 8 offer a good sound recorder as xp?

  4. Thank you so much for your detailed and informative video. It surely helped me out.

  5. Those who keeps crying, "bring start button back!!!", should go back to the 90s…

  6. Yes – it should keep the programs and data in place doing an upgrade.

  7. I am glad it was useful – thanks for letting me know it helped out.

  8. so useful, thank you 🙂

  9. Can I install win8 (regular or pro) over my current instalation of windows 7 ultimate and keep all my software? The windows 7 instalation isn't activated (or cracked).

  10. Come all the way from Z80 – Sinclair, Motorola 68000 Atari ST, & Apple Mac:s, DOS and the whole range of MS Window platforms yep even tried 1.0 – nearly gui.
    GUI is good but this is so very GUI to much info in the face all at the same time with those picture icons.
    Earlier MS OS had a choice make my windows look like 9X or whatever untill the learning curve or choice came about. Best MS OS = XP then 98 with usb support.

  11. That is terrific – glad it was useful.

  12. yeah I got them to install XD

  13. There should be no issue installing any software on the x86/x64 bit version of Windows 8. Only Windows RT has restrictions on installing legacy software to that ARM based platform.

  14. Supposedly, Microsoft has made it to where in Windows 8 you can not install anything….I tried installing ITunes and Adode Reader but to no avail. It can't be any settings on my laptop to cause this. I'm sure its Microsoft gay asses. If so, I'm really pised at them because I want my iTunes…fuck their micro music shit they have or whatever. I have an Ipod and would like to use it. Don't install windows 8!!!!

  15. Thanks this helped alot

  16. Check out this video on YouTube:
    Windows 8 walk thru…

  17. looks like windows has destroyed everything that made them successful and popular in the first place

  18. hopefully widows 9 wont be as idiotic.

  19. Guys Window 8 is the worst thing i have see [ Need account , codes Bla bla bla Fucking shit]

    Don't Try That Shit

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