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29 Comments on windows 8 split screen, dual work space part 2

  1. OH my goodness you are clicking on this and not saying what you are clicking! This video is hopeless. Window's 8 doesn't have tool bars on top. I have no idea what you are accessing. Sorry, but thanks anyway.

  2. i have google chrome and i cant get two browser apps side by side plz help


  4. Thank you for the split screen tutorial. help alot

  5. Thanks this video helped a lot ????????????

  6. I cannot split my apps in windows 8 pro 🙁

  7. its a lie you can have a dual split screen with apps ive done it but cant rember how but it is possible

  8. i have a problem that on the desktop split screen with 2 windows dosnt work for me i have windows 8.1

  9. Worthless video. He just pops around and does it never explaining what he's doing.

  10. Please help me undo split screen!! I left my laptop open on the bed and fell sleep, woke up with this split screen nightmare with google chrome. I need to get google chrome back to the desktop so I can run my apps on it similutaneously.

  11. hey with the new update of windows 8 (windows 8.1) 
    you can split your screen 50/50 
    i do it with skype and internet

  12. Most people only really need to watch from 40 to 50 seconds.


  14. I did this video but i want to know dual screen bro

  15. Chrome not splitting solution – Within Chrome go to settings menu, and 4th item down states Relaunch in desktop mode and it will work.

  16. I cant get my spilt screen to work at all!! help! how do I get it to work? if I open an app and try split screening it just shows the app I tried to move ovet

  17. Yes, I am currently using google chrome split screen on my windows 8 touchscreen computer.

  18. Hello there … I have a problem with split screen… I've been doing some reading lately from some ebooks and since I need a translator I keep chrome opened up with google translate on the side of the eBook so… I can translate without jumping from one workspace to another i just click use the browser in that 25% state BUT.. I get some flashes when I click the browser(flashes only in the chrome area not the whole monitor) These flashes appear to be in the colour of the start theme…..

  19. The second method doesn't work for me

  20. I think the question involving split screen and chrome is using chrome as a split screen of 50/50 instead of 75/25 or whatever the ratio is. Is it possible to use chrome as 50/50?

  21. I think I am having a similar issue as the user who could not get the split screen to work. Even when moving the app (Say Skype) all the way to the right hand side, the three dots do not appear and the app jumps to full screen, as if this feature has been disabled… Do you know of a way to disable/enable this feature?

  22. does your internet Explorer app work after this ?

  23. Hi I'm having trouble splitting between google chrome and another program as well. I am trying to have it split between chrome and say microsoft word but it only lets me snap it.

  24. It would have been nice to at least give the option to do 50% on both. Maybe its something coming on the next upgrade in Windows 8.1 or better known as Windows Blue.

  25. Thanks for your clear explanation. I experience the fact that it is not possible to use an app 50-50 splitscreen, so you can work in both screens at the same time, as a huge disadvantage of windows 8. How can they not have implemented this function?

  26. Thanks for the complement and thanks for the watching!

  27. Nice tutorial, just what I was looking for! My laptop can't handle 2 external monitors.
    My solution: a 27# or maby 30# monitor and split it up like this. Btw, your voice sounds kinda like Simon Sinek (complement)

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