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Windows 8 Tablet Basic Tutorial

windows 8 tablet 101 dDid you just pick up a Windows 8 tablet? Wondering what’s going on and wouldn’t mind getting a basic walk through? Nicole Scott has shot a brief video going over how you do a couple cool tricks. Check out a Windows 8 user interface walk through on the Acer Iconia Tab W510.

11 Comments on Windows 8 Tablet Basic Tutorial

  1. omg, the amount of trolls in here.. pish!

    Thanks for this tutorial- win8,1 on a tablet was confusing the hell outta me!

  2. Good old Vistart! Top app right there 😀 

  3. You suck why you dont explain hoe to install it , where do you get windows 8 software from

  4. Can you use install actual pc programs on it or only apps? For IT I need MMLogic which has no app and I need Magister which does have an app but it isn't complete. To run it on a browser I need to download something (silverlight), can I do that?

  5. nicole throw ur tablet in to the toilet and drink bleach lolololololo

  6. Or search on the start screen for command prompt.

  7. Nicole, you are killing yourself with these Atom Tablets! Please, get yourself Windows 8 touch ultrabook. You deserve it! stop this torture.

  8. Thank you, very informative 🙂

  9. Swipe up from the bottom of the Start screen and then touch the All apps icon. Then swipe to the right and locate the Windows System section heading. Under Windows System, that's where you'll find Command Prompt

  10. Just curious, how do you open a command prompt window on w8?

  11. conocen la asus transformer

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