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Windows 8 Tip – Adding a Secondary Touch Screen Monitor Linus Tech Tips

Want to add a touch screen display to your Windows 8 PC? You might run into some PRETTY weird issues. This quick fix will get you up and running in a hurry 🙂


20 Comments on Windows 8 Tip – Adding a Secondary Touch Screen Monitor Linus Tech Tips

  1. Which touchscreen monitors would you guys recommend to use as a Secondary monitor?

  2. This worked! I knew I wouldn't be the only person with this issue.

    I added a touchscreen 22" screen as a secondary display to my 40" Phillips 4K monitor. But all touches were being registered on my 4K (primary display) Turns out there is a setting in control Panel, under Tablet PC Settings to adjust where touches are being registered.

  3. Great Video Linus. Quick fix.

  4. How to make two touch screens work without mimicking the touch on the secondary screen onto the first.

    Step 1: Duplicate the screens
    Step 2: Go into "Tablet PC Settings"
    Step 3: Go into "Setup"
    Step 4: It gets a bit weird here, only your main display will show the white screen with text. Don't panic.
    Step 4.1: Touch your main touch screen
    Step 4.2: Touch your secondary screen
    Step 5: Press OK
    Step 6: Go back to "extended screen"

    I realised that a lot of people, including myself this morning, had this issue. Hence posting it out here.

  5. Does NOT work on my workstation with Win 7 (one week away from installing Win 10).
    What happens? By Enter switching to my touch screen monitor (I have a total of Three monitors HP Z 640 / AMD Firepro W7100) and touching my touch screen the Main monitor still picks up the input!???

  6. got a new question for you
    How come I cant get my On Screen Key Board to load on the touch screen?

    and Ideas?

    Regards rick

  7. Worked like a charm, Thanks…Helped so much

    but I want to buy one more touch screen………..
    So how about 2 touch screens with a Non Touch screen as primary ?

    Will it work?

  8. thank you, this was exactly what was flummoxing me, great video ;)

  9. Has anyone tried to run multiple touch screens, im currently running three cheap monitors ive had for years and i want to get rid of them all and buy 3 touchscreen monitors similar to that acer he has, will this work? 
    i intend to plug one via hdmi from my gpu and the other two via displayport to vga/dvi adaptors and connect all 3 monitors with usb to my pc for the touchscreen element.
    Can anyone give advice? as to whether this will work or not

  10. thnku very much I was looking for this. for 2 weeks I was using the touch as my main display. and switched it when I played games!!! 😀 this fixed it now

  11. I have a toshiba portege tablet that i used to use for school. My question is; can i use the processing power of my gaming pc and use the touchscreen of the tablet for photoshop

  12. OMG!  You're a life saver.  I so needed to have a solution.  Nothing like having a deadline for a project in 3dsmax and having trouble with the middle mouse if it's on a secondary screen (camera goes to no man's land).  I needed my Cintiq as primary. Ty ty ty :D

  13. why are you using the start button in the taskbar if you have a touchscreen that can be used to swipe the charm bar, which has a bigger button for start

  14. Very helpful thank you, overkill in such a simple guide it's beautiful :D

  15. I have a 1280×1024 res monitor , if i buy a FULL HD(1920 x 1080) monitor and try dual monitor setup would it keep the two separate monitors with two different resolution or would it narrow it down to the smaller reso in which case buying a FULL HD would be a waste ?

  16. hi linus one question , i have hp all in one pc which is touchscreen and then i want to add another monitor is it possible if i use normal monitor i mean no touchscreen . thankyou

  17. I have two of the EXACT same monitors….weird!

  18. Handige tip om een touchscreen als 2e scherm te gebruiken!

  19. Saved my day! Thanks!!!!

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