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Windows 8 Tips: Moving Live Mail From Windows 7

This is the unoffical way of moving your old Live Mail to your new Windows 8 installation. We are assuming you have a new system or choose to install Windows 8 to dual boot with Windows 7. Therefore you still can access your old Windows 7 files.

20 Comments on Windows 8 Tips: Moving Live Mail From Windows 7

  1. I have been working with windows 7 for years and don't have a reason to upgrade but my hb got a new laptop with Windows 8. Before he bought it I told him (I'm the one who has to fix his laptop when he screws things up) that I don't know nothing about 8 and that he was on his own when things would go wrong. And of course they did and of course I was the lucky one…. After a while everything was taken care of but changing mail from 7 to 8 I just couldn't figure out, until I found your instructions. You saved my life (AND my image ;D)

  2. Help!  I followed your tutorial and it worked perfectly…..except all of the mail was from 2011.  No emails or folders transferred after that date.  Could there be more than one Windows Live email folders?  Your instructions were great and it worked except that it is all old emails.  Thank you for any insight you may provide.

  3. Thanks! will try after weekend.. I will let you know. I hate computers!

  4. I have windows 7 with WLM with 19 email accounts in windows live mail. I will be trying to move it to my new HP laptop with windows 8.1
    How will that work for me?
    I have many business and personal accounts. I am really afraid to lose all important emails I have. I have 10,700 emails.
    I did back up my C drive to Memeno Seagate and it is now on my new computer with 8.1
    Help please

  5. I watched this video and transferred the file. Got my old folders but this message shows up for all my folders "message cannot be found", so I have the folders but no messages. OMG! Are you able to recommend how to fix this I really need all the messages. Thanks.

  6. Fantastic! I had to reinstall Windows 7 and thought I had lost all my emails but following your clear explanation I was able to copy from my 'Windows.old' into the new. Thank you so much.

  7. This worked great for me and my dual-boot system. THANKS!!

  8. Thank you so much for this, it made this so easy!

  9. Can I use this technique to backup my Live Mail accounts, settings and emails and restore on a Win 7 PC?

  10. Hello, I have had a very very similar problem with a new computer I have been working on, I switched from windows vista to windows 8.1, on windows vista we had windows mail, not windows live mail. Now I have a lot of old emails somewhere on the old drive (which is the one that I pulled out of the old computer and plugged it into the new one) but I cannot access them, how could I fix this, I really need those emails and my windows live mail will only receive new emails not the old ones which are the ones I need. Thanks in advance

  11. I really like your solution for transferring my mail and settings.  However, when I did this, I did not find my blocked senders.  With all the junk mail today I had hoped to find this huge list!  Do you know a way to accomplish this too?  Thanks again!

  12. Thanks for doing this.  I followed your approach all the way through, but when I signed in on the new computer, it did not find any of the old mail that was in the Windows Live Mail folder that I'd transferred over.  All of the data in account settings looks fine regarding account name, server names, etc, but no mail.  Any thoughts on what I might have done wrong?

  13. If you are on Windows 8.1, when you install any program the system no longer puts the tile on the start screen for you. If you just start typing the program name, it will appear in the right Search area. Then right-click on the name and select Pin to Start.

    Or you can use the App screen that has all the installed apps listed. I have a Windows 8.1 video that explains how to use the new 8.1 Start Screen with the changes they made.

  14. Was able to move all email and folders to Windows 8 – THANKS. One funny thing was that after installing Windows Live Essentials, I didn't have any way to launch Windows Live Mail for some reason but was able to use Control Panel/Programs/Run Programs made for previous versions of windows/… and then pin the resulting icon to the task bar.

  15. Yes thanks. Moving contacts is more straightforward. As you say. Simple export/import.
    Again I would like to thank you for digging the me out of the hole I had created for myself trying to sort out live mail. When I've finished all the other things I need to do with this new PC I gonna have to look through all the other vids and tips you have for windows 8.

  16. I don't have my old installation anymore, so I'm going off of memory.

    I did transfer contacts, but I didn't make a vide. If I'm correct, you can export contacts in your old Live Mail to save them to a file and then simply import them to the new Windows 8 install using the import feature.

    Also look for a .wab file. I believe that is "windows address book". Try copying that to your new Live directory installation. Of course, if there is an existing one, rename it so you don't overwrite it.

  17. Hey Old Geek Guy,

    You tutorial on moving live mail from one pc to another was a great help thanks. Do you have similar tips for moving contacts? I see on windows 8 alongside the" Windows Live Mail" folder there is a "Windows Live Contacts" so I thought it would be a similar process. But then I looked on my old Windows 7 PC and it was not there (there was a Contacts sub directory in the "Windows Live" folder

  18. Great! Glad you found a solution and for sharing your it with everyone.

  19. Well, I didn't check that scenario. Hmmm…. Check to see if you copied the index file with the emails. Unfortuneately, I had a hard drive failure yesterday on my main 1TB drive and cannablized another 1TB, and it was my Windows 7 boot drive that had Live Mail. I still have another Win7 system, so I'll look around on it, but I don't use Live Mail on it.

  20. Since you had an external drive, it should have done a copy, not a move so you should still have your copy.

    I'm going to guess that you accidentally dragged your folder on top of another folder in the AppData directory and it put the directory in there. Then when you fired up WLM, it just recreated another empty directory.

    Search for your folder in one of those other directories. If you can't find it, just redo the instructions and rename the mail directory to old and recopy the files over.

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