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Windows 8 Tips & Tricks – Disable the Metro Internet Explorer App

Windows 8 has a lot of great apps for use on a touch screen that can drive desktop users nuts! I am going to show you how to disable using the Windows 8 App version of Internet Explorer and use the desktop version exclusively.

10 Comments on Windows 8 Tips & Tricks – Disable the Metro Internet Explorer App

  1. who saw Boy gets Nintendo full of porn for Christmas at 2:13

  2. For some reason, when I try to use the windows 8 internet explorer, it takes me to the desktop version……how do I fix that?

  3. Does anyone know why my (supposedly awesome) internet explorer lags like a motherfucker?

    If I want to click a link for instance, there is about a 2 second lag before it becomes clickable. Also typing in some search bars or text boxes is basically impossible (the youtube homepage search bar for instance). About 5 seconds of lag between characters (also some seemingly random lag in the comments boxes).

    For someone who types 60wpm+ it is almost maddening. If I for instance type "youtube" into the youtube search bar at my regular speed I usually end up with something like this "otb" or "yb" or just nothing..

    [Edit] Just lost the ability to open link in new tab. I have no idea how it happened. It was just gone..

    (I am using the desktop version)

    P.S. FUCK WINDOWS 8! Microsoft has turned a pc into a 25lb tablet that I can't use outside of my computer room (I guess I could, but that would involve unhooking everything and moving it to another room. About 15 to 30 minuet idea..)

  4. Great! Thanks for the comment.

  5. Thanks man! Helped a lot!

  6. You're welcome. I'm glad it helped, and thanks for the feedback.

  7. Thank you for the good information.

  8. After this, do a windows update if you need to install IE 10 again.

  9. First make sure Internet Explorer is still installed. Do a general search for control panel. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features on the left bar go to "turn Windows features on or off" and in the list search and make sure Internet Explorer 10 is checked. If it isn't then check it. IE 10 should take the place of IE 9. Open IE and in the gearbox menu click "About Internet Explorer" and make sure it says IE 10. Restart and see if that helped.

  10. Hey what if I want to do what you did on the video but backwards? I re-started my laptop because I was having problems, and my internet explorer 10 erased and I now have internet explorer 9 on my start tile where I had my internet explorer 10. Could I follow the steps backwards? Or do I have to do something else??

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