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Windows 8 Tips & Tricks – Windows 8 : First Impressions

First Impressions at Windows 8. Taking a look at the basic features and changes in the Windows Operating System and how the UI Looks now with the new Metro based Start Menu and Apps integrated.

Windows 8 :

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10 Comments on Windows 8 Tips & Tricks – Windows 8 : First Impressions

  1. Exactly, right now I don’t need this new system. Actually, I’m an animator and I use a lot of professional programs, so tablets are pretty useless for me.
    For some other users Windows 8 might be fine.

  2. Then windows 8 is not for you. Windows 8 is Windows 7 with tablet features and touch screen optimized.

  3. Mac is better than windows 8. Windows 8 look like a phone on the computer.

  4. WOOW advertisment inside an SO!!?!?? That was the deciding point for me NOT to upgrade into win8. And that metro UI… so bad.

  5. You cant add stuff in the regular desktop ??

  6. Compared to Chrome, etc out there, it doesn't stand a chance.

  7. lost me at browser sucks

  8. Desktop is the only “app” that I personally need.

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