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Windows 8 Touch Pad Tutorial

In this video I show you how to get the most out of Windows 8 gestures without a touchscreen. You can see the entire post here:

20 Comments on Windows 8 Touch Pad Tutorial

  1. How do I get my touch pad to just be regular. I don't like the new features with Windows 8. Because when I type the damn screen be moving. I want to be able to use my touch pad without the new features… plz help!

  2. dose it work in windows 8.1 ?

  3. hi,so i have a question. my touch-pad doesn't work at all.i don't know to to bring it back.

  4. For some reason, I don't see the "Advanced" tab, before I could but now I can't.

  5. it wont work I want to deactivate it im playing my games with wasd and my fingers goes over it I click and I mess myself up I tried covering it but it didn't work

  6. thank you very much i was looking for this

  7. How do I get the right mouse button to work properly? The right mouse button does the same as the left mouse button. I can't find a solution anywhere. If I plug an external mouse in that works fine.

  8. when you want to close a window you could also just press alt+F4 when you are in it 🙂
    thanks for the video – was really helpfull! :D

  9. no me sale donde dice configuracion del dispositivo

  10. this information is very useful to me,thank you.

  11. Thank you!!!!!! 

  12. where can I download the synaptics pointing device? I have an asus notebook. 

  13. It's so hard that my Android tablet has better multi window functionality than Windows 8 🙂 

  14. I have this very irritating problem with my laptop (acer).
    The problem is, my touchpad scroll doesn't work at all
    I've tried on mouse settings,but there's no option with mouse scroll/wheel settings
    Some of the other tutorials show, how to switch the scroll/wheel setting on, but apparently I don't have it 🙁
    Can someone help or has a tip? Maybe I need to download a program or something?? 

  15. Thank you for the video.  I learned about 2 finger scroll.  My Toshiba laptop does not have the Synaptic driver.   I see on your screen a tapping setting.   I'd really like to disable the charms screen, edge swiping and tap to click.  This is becoming a constant annoyance for me.  It's just way too sensitive, there is no way to adjust it (that I have found) and from time to time that Charms bar opens locking and moving my pointer to the bar when I'm simply trying to navigate from right to left.  8.1 is doing too many unwelcome favors for me.   Can I change over to the Synaptic driver and use it to disable any of these "features"?

  16. Very helpful, thanks!

  17. Hey thanks for the vid! I have a quick question, does the swipe from left and slide from bottom right gesture only work if APPS are open? For example, lets say i have firefox, microsoft word and google chrome open, will those gestures work? Cause for me they are not, they only work if i have apps open such as skydrive, netflix, and other ones that are in the start menu. Help please!

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