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20 Comments on Windows 8 Tutorial Mail

  1. How  do  I  unsynchronise  my  mail  please?

  2. How do I delete the folders that I made on my mail account? I don't need them anymore and I need to delete them. Please let me know. I would appreciate the help. Thanks.

  3. wish you didn't show the obvious. I could have (and did) figure all that out. 

  4. How do I add new contacts to outlook on windows 8??? 

  5. Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Headquarters? You voted for Obama didn't you?

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  7. Q: how do you forward an email?

  8. Whenever I enter the mail, messaging, or people app it asks for a password to enter, and mentions that my account is locked. How do I unlock it?

  9. With this email system its still possible to get a virus but it is very unlikely to none. They dump any suspicious emails in the junk folder and even when viewing them in the junk folder it cant harm you unless you move it to the inbox, open it and click on a picture or link. Even if they come right into your inbox or you move a junk email in there by accident the risk is still very little to none but more likely no risk.

  10. When I scroll over emails, the automatically open to the right. In the past, I would avoid opening unknown emails due to risk of viruses. Is there risk with this new email system?

  11. If you need to reply to an email simply click on the email you want to reply to and up in the top right hand corner of the screen you should see the respond button( its in between the plus and trash can icons) or you could just press Ctrl+R.

  12. I need help with replying to emails

  13. it did undo…it deleted the last two pictures you added…

  14. Use the search function provided in the charms bar to search for a specific email.

  15. My pleasure to help and I also agree that folder making could be handled within the application.

  16. The Crtl+a, did work, so thanks for that, However, I Think I should be able to create a folder without having to go to the website. But if that is the only way to create one, I will. Thanks for your reply.

  17. Click on one email and then press Ctrl+a or if you have updated to the newest version of the Mail app all you have to do now is right click and there will be a select all icon. If you want to create a new folder then you have to go to the website of your email provider and make the extra folders there.

  18. Have you tried updating the application?

  19. how do I delete all mails in a mapp at the same time? and how do i create a mapp/box?

  20. I also cant work out how to print an email. I saw your answer above and tried that but when I did how you said I had a green screen come up in right corner saying ' file saved to your documents folder'. And yet I did the CTRL + P. And when the printer options came up I clicked Print. So why did this happen. I even tried the ctrl + P on the file it made in documents but nothing again. Very frustrating when I have to send to dads computer then print from there. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. FRUSTRATING

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