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Windows 8 Tutorial Windows 8 Store


Windows 8 Tutorial on how to use the Windows 8 Store. Enjoy!

This video will show you how to search for applications in the Windows 8 Store:

Modern UI App troubleshooter:

Thanks for watching!

20 Comments on Windows 8 Tutorial Windows 8 Store

  1. i download and installed the app.. where is it located on my computer?

  2. Install more apps more fun …..

  3. can you tell me how to search for a specific game?

  4. are u serious? dood what about teaching ppl how to buy? thats why is called STORE TUTORIAL U.U

  5. Do you mean desktop applications?

  6. Currently at the moment of this post under the games section in the windows store there are 14,911 games.

  7. There are only like 20 mobile Games?

  8. Does it give you any error messages or say anything?

  9. Ummm… Why can't I download apps but I am logged in to my Microsoft Account?

  10. You can pay for apps using either a credit card or PayPal.

  11. is there an another way to buy from the store? plz

  12. Well when you first power on the computer it should run you through set up then somewhere in there it should ask for a email and password. Did this happen to you?

  13. This computer is new and came with windows 8. My previous computer had Windows 7. I did not set up windows and am not sure what you mean about connecting my Microsoft account. I did not set up Windows 8., as I mentioned it came with my new computer

  14. Did you connect your microsoft account when you first set up windows or are you on a local account?

  15. My widows 8 was just updated yesterday and I still am not able to open the app store??
    What am I missing?

  16. I am new to Windows 8. I cannot open the App Store. Do I have to create an account somewhere???

  17. Well I'm sorry for the inconvenience you have been running into and hopefully Microsoft will come out with a more stable fix with the update of windows blue this summer.

  18. Already tryed that worked temporary,I was able to enter in store, but when I tryed to download an app I was promted with"your pourchase couldn't be completed" or"we are haveing problems trying to get the list of apps you won.Please try again later" & yesterday I ran in to a blue screen saying I need to restart kernel_data_inpage_error, the entire hardware all most die & was expecting a videocall from england, took all most 30 minutes to fix it. I think I will keep it a few days & downgrade to 7.

  19. One solution that i have for you that have worked for multiple others is creating a new user profile. Not to be annoying but you can search for items within the windows store by using the charms bar search function.

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