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Windows 8 Tutorials – Opening and Closing Applications Lesson 02

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Windows 8 Tutorials – In this Microsoft Windows 8 tutorial you will learn how to open and close windows 8 applications in the desktop view versus closing metro applications in the metro interface. Their is actually more than one way to close a Windows 8 application but in this…

5 Comments on Windows 8 Tutorials – Opening and Closing Applications Lesson 02

  1. Thanks for watching my windows 8 tutorials. If you have any questions let me know.

  2. thank you for your attention I will look at lesson 4 and the rest of your tutorials

  3. If you watch Windows 8 Lesson 04 you will notice a much louder volume.

  4. Make sure to have the video YouTube player set to 100% volume and have your computer system audio set to about 70% that should help with hearing me better. However if you have seen some of my later Windows 8 tutorials the volume should be a bit louder. My Windows 8 Tutorials improve in quality as I learn more about recording audio and video editing. However their are many factors that affect my recording some days I may not be feeling well so I don't speak as loud.

  5. this is a good way to teach the window 8 but your voice is s low and the words is not clear if you can clear these two subject your way of teaching is the best

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