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8 Comments on Windows 8 – Using the Magnifier

  1. that's real weird! No such program on mine!

  2. This tool sucks for not having a shortcut "zoom in" and "zoom out"! 🙁

  3. If Windows 8 didn't make everything appear so tiny, there would be no need for any of this. Windows 8 sucks, plain and simple. Simple – there's a concept. Nothing on Windows 8 is simple.

  4. Does the magnifier work in the start screen and with metro apps?

  5. thank you for the helpful video!!

  6. I have lots of clients that have some difficulty in using the coputer because of eye problems … you can also zoom in and out of web pages witht ctrl + and ctrl – combination

  7. My mom just got a new computer and has eye problems. This saved me lol Thank you so much. You sir have a new sub!

  8. This video really helped, thanks!!!

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