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20 Comments on Windows 8 – Windows media player 12

  1. can we listen to online radio

  2. sometimes in Internet Explorer, in tells me to update Windows Media Player immediately. Can you help???

  3. Just how do you force this program to PLAY the video right. I just recorded this show on Saturday. There's no reason why the video doesn't play right. It's time to put microsuck out of business. You tell it to play a video and it plays and pauses and plays and pauses. There needs to be a command play it now.  micosuck needs to get out of the world.

  4. What ever happened to the feature where you could listen to the internet radio through the media player? That sucks! I used it a lot in Windows 7 media player.. seems W8 they took it away.

  5. windows 8 i feel is still a terrible design, windows 10 slight improvement , but still crummy and with the flat design, Apple has followed suit in GUI style which sux.

  6. Bonne vidéo, je viens d'en faire une sur les options de ce logiciel, venez le voir :-)

  7. Cool playlists don't work! Any ideas how to fix that? I click on one and it doesn't load and it isn't showing all of my playlists.

  8. Windows Media Player is the hugest shit omg, I have a god damn 2800€ gaming pc, everything works fine EXCEPT the windows media player it stops working all the god damn time 

  9. How about rip a CD to computer?

  10. Since I've been using Windows 8.1 and WMP 12 I am not able to transfer music using YouTube Converter to downloads then to WMP and finally  Sync it to my Sandisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 player.  Windows XP I had no problems but I cannot get it out of downloads for anything. It goes from YouTube Converter, gets converted goes to downloads and there it stays.

  11. is it better than VLC? vlc sucks at playing HD videos

  12. very helpful.thank you.

  13. ma n can you give me a download link cuz i recently downloaded windows 8.1 enterprise N i dont have the player

  14. how can I delete duplicates?

  15. This is real genius on Microsoft's part. Making something simple such as playing a music or a movie, something you can do no problem in XP, an ultra difficult task on Windows 8. 

    This is why users are leaving your OS in droves Microsoft. You just don't understand the UX of majority of your users period. 

  16. how do get it ? i recently formatted my pc to windows 8 enterprise n and i didnt find it :/

  17. I cant even open the fking wholed media player whats the proplem then ? cuz i wanted to upload my track to yt but no i dosnt work so can u play tell me how i can do ? ;D

  18. this video was so helpful for me 

  19. I was told that windows 8 did not come with a media player. Is that wrong? Also what is that weird orange stripe cone icon that some media players have? Also do I detect a Norwegian accent in your voice? I like it

  20. hoe came I cant search….I mean after I type windows media player but it did not show….pls reply

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