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Windows 8/10 Tutorial: Install AMD/ATI Radeon with OpenGL

ATTN: This process does work with Windows 10. This may be Windows 8, but the steps are the same.

NEW Windows 8.1 Update 1 Tutorial

This is a little tutorial to help everyone who upgraded to windows 8 using an old video card from 2009 and before, update drivers for windows 8.

Here is the AMD Support Link:

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20 Comments on Windows 8/10 Tutorial: Install AMD/ATI Radeon with OpenGL

  1. Hello – I've upgraded to Windows 10, and I'm astounded to see this video. I've read the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series doesn't work at all on Win 10. I don't use my laptop for games though, but I have other display issues. I'm trying to sort out if they are caused by this not working. e.g. extended display option is missing, screen looks awful and fuzzy, YouTube and personal videos are not clear and jumpy etc. I've searched everywhere I can think of for solutions. Can you tell me what (if any) other functions this driver affects? If there's a link to a list I:d appreciate it.

  2. Man thank You so much you helped me!

  3. Thanks… gracias!!!!

  4. didn't work for me….on windows 10…still no openGL for minecraft

  5. Just two words: THANK YOU! It worked wonderfully in Windows 10 Pro x64 with a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series!

  6. Brilliant !!
    Thank You


  8. I just solve mine problem with low resolution on windows 10 by uninstalling native Microsoft display drivers from device manager and then it detected my graphics card resolution automatically

  9. Since I can not reply to some comments, this same tutorial does work with Windows 10. The steps are exactly the same, just with a Windows 10 User Interface.

  10. Does it work with Windows 10?

  11. thanks bro! god damn microsoft…

  12. Fuck Yeah!!!! It worked

  13. Thanks,helped a LOT

  14. thank you so much from Holland!

  15. This worked for me with Win 8.1 and a HD4550 . Thank you!! I did have to search on AMD for the old 12.6 driver.

  16. After several uploads, and a bunch of worrying whether or not I was gonna download the correct drivers, and a bunch of auto updates, windows finally recognized the hardware and automatically installed whatever was needed to recognize the f'n thing!!

  17. Thank you so much, I use AMD 3000 Graphics on Windows 8 and has researched a lot about it, but this was the only solution that apparently solved. I wanted to use Sweet Home 3D progam and play simple games, but did not work because of error in 3D rendering. I just make the settings and it worked just fine. I am also computer problems restarting because of error in the driver. Perhaps it also correct that error . Thanks again.
    Sorry about the English, I type this text using Google translator.

  18. thanks a lot this fixed my low resolution issue on my Toshiba Satellite L675d-S7104

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