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Windows Movie Maker Full Tutorial – Everything you need to know!

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Movie Maker:


Wondershare Video Editor (PIP):

20 Comments on Windows Movie Maker Full Tutorial – Everything you need to know!

  1. I saved my video and there are little greend bars and black line in between my clips and I tried using a converter but it still hasnt gone away! Help me!

  2. A question : wondershare is free ?

  3. Thanks a lot for the tut bro!

  4. Thanks MrZMPGaming, I am old enough to be at least you grandfather and fairly tech familiar . I watched a half a dozen videos, but yours answered my question. Thanks.

  5. Thanks, hopefully this will work well.

  6. how do i install media player for windows 10? i have flc but it says all the time Error Error

  7. Thank you really much for the help and tips

  8. You can't add picture after picture? So I wouldn't be able to add three different photos, and record my voice, using this?

  9. it always does this to me first off i record with ob s but when i play my movie in it it is always 7 sec of black screen and no audio can you hel

  10. when I finish I play it its shows black and just plays the audio.Anything you know about that?

  11. thank you man!

  12. what do u use to film videos?

  13. How do u name your vid after editing?

  14. Very helpful. Thanks for your vid!

  15. how to add my name in intro

  16. Thank you for making this video

  17. great basic tutorial. I like that you get right down to business and don't waste time with slow and mindless babbling like so many other tutorials do.

  18. Thank you for making this video

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