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Windows No Text 100 % Fix Tutorial

Tutorial showing 2 methods to fix the windows issue with no text showing after updates.
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45 Comments on Windows No Text 100 % Fix Tutorial

  1. how about for windows 7

  2. January, 2020 I turned my computer on and it happened to me thank you so much

  3. It worked thanks I jst deleted the new security update and it worked

  4. Omg thank you so much ????????????????

  5. Thank you sir for ur help

  6. Thx it works Nov 2019

  7. It works better using Intel thanks a lot

  8. previously, i just ctrl+alt+del and then sign out then sign in again, and work, but now not work

  9. 1/10 people stayed, noticing he actually Is speaking in English. 9/10 left

  10. for fucks sake done it again

  11. 23/10/2019 (GMT+7) is work thank you sir.

  12. I cant understand what you are saying. Eating words. Different accent

  13. I was in a right old panic. The intel fix worked. Lifesaver!

  14. I can't open windows start and no text on everything. do guys have any solution?

  15. Everytime I try and fix it it lags really bad

  16. I have this same problem to the newest update as of now (1904), when I go into the Windows Update Service>Uninstall Update, there are no box to click, unlike in your video… Pls help

  17. didnt work when i tried uninstalling the last update it had a red cross sign

  18. Thx so muchhhh for me igot like bunch of options not only three so i chose the first from the bottom chart and thank you!!

  19. it dosent work for me… plz someone reply.

  20. This works. Would like to add some more:
    if your windows worked just fine before an update, it is very likely the update is causing the problem. Just go to the uninstall the update, and sort your updates by the day you installed any updates, any just uninstall that one. Restart, and that should help.

  21. I tried that but now windows is not starting ????

  22. If you're doing this in 2019 and it still doesnt work go to settings -> Ease of Access -> Display -> Make text bigger. Drag the slider to max and click apply, then put it back to where it was and click apply again. This should fix it.

  23. what's the accent?

  24. June, 2019.
    This still works.
    Thank you so much, OFN.

  25. I got the same issue but I can't open start menu or any other app/program. w10 is fuckin garbage

  26. I hope one day you might afford a microphone.

  27. You don't need to do this stuff… Just Restart your Computer.

  28. Four or three what??? Be specific you twat

  29. i have this problem but with the icons gone and the text still there

  30. Legit thought you were speaking another language

  31. I was really hoping this would work, but when I get to the "uninstall updates" screen I don't have 3 or 4 choices. Mine is just blank. I'm going to pull my hair out!!!

  32. Restart your computer, it works

  33. only GOD will know what you saying………..

  34. Uninstall your video adaptor drivers and reboot.

  35. @Owtfor Nowt, Thank you so much for sharing this! I really appreciate your help…and enjoy your accent ????, letting the auto-generated captions , and simply pausing and rewatching, as needed, to fully understand what you were saying and the actions to take (despite continuing to lose my sight and hearing). I'm unfortunately having a bit more trouble with mine as I'm unable to even see the latest updates, but I'm saving your video and using your work as excellent guidelines. Again, I thank you, and sincerely apologize for the unnecessary rudeness from some of the other people who posted replies; I hope you brush aside the negativity and are happy with each person you have indeed helped. ????????????????

    Oh, also, I liked, subscribed, and hit the bell icon, so that you actually get credit for the subscriber based on YouTube rules. ???? ????

  36. does unistall take a long time

  37. i didnt know which to uninstall. so just uninstalled last security update.. it worked,. thanks

  38. what worked for me is to go to windows updates and search for the latest updates. i lost my text because the internet went down during an update. once i reran the update all the text came back and i did not have to restart. good luck everyone!

  39. Can speak less clearly? Thanks that would be great

  40. Could anyone understand whats he saying?

  41. Thanks brother its work

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