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Windows Phone 7 Development – Tutorial 1 – New App

Welcome to the first of my Windows Phone 7 Development Tutorials!
In this video i will be showing you how to create your first Windows Phone 7 application, adding text to a texbox and using a button to display the textbox text in a textblock.

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Windows Phone SDK:

Deploying your…

20 Comments on Windows Phone 7 Development – Tutorial 1 – New App

  1. Hey im really new for windows i love to make wallpaper app can i get good resource for that ? 

  2. heyy i need to know how to make a database, that can hold multiple files, that others can upload to

  3. Because I don't have the Windows Phone Model in my Visual Studio 2008?? thanks for answering me :)

  4. Hello, can I use Visual studio 2008,??

  5. why i'm getting a blank emulator screen plz help…..

  6. k.i`m trying to debug the small apps that i did.but i can`t debug i. because it says Zune software is not lunched ………..
    its clear?????

  7. Hi,

    I don't completely understand what you are trying to do, if you could try explaining the problem again, i might be able to help.

  8. Hey, if you mean the Emulated phone on the computer, you just go to the top of visual studio and there is a green arrow kinda like this "<". That will deploy it to the emulator, otherwise if you have a windows phone yourself you need to developer unlock it so it can have apps deployed to it.. I will had a link to the description for you now…

  9. hey……….when i compile i got the msg Zune software not installed. after instaled it msg cme Zune software not lunched…………i already installed it and i sign in.but same dialog box come.may i knw the solution 4 it

  10. How do you go about getting it on the phone?
    (not sure if you have a video for this?).

  11. Thank you so much. 😀

  12. Hey Johny,

    I have just added the link to the video description as you cannot post links here…

    If you go to that page there is download button for the SDK. This is going to be needed for you to develop Windows Phone 8 & 7.5 apps. The emulator is included in this too! 🙂


  13. Where did you get Windows phone emulator?

  14. hello am starting to learn about the app development, this is my first time watching this video, what equipment do i need, i have window vista pc, how can i take my first step is the main heading of what am trying to say, btw am age 18

  15. Finally a good video about Win Phone development!

  16. haha couldn't agree more!

  17. it's not free for people who didn't subscribe for msdn (which also isn't free). It's $99 for non msdn subscribers which is the most expensive certificate for mobile development among other platforms.

  18. You can run Windows on Mac. Your mac is a PC too. It's just overpriced.

  19. The question is……….can i do this on a mac?! is it available or something….?!

  20. if I want to create a feature that could send an image from my phone to the app what code would I need?

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