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Windows Phone 8 Development – Tutorial 3 – TextBox/TextBlock/Buttons

Welcome to the 3rd of my Windows Phone 8 Development Tutorials!
In this video i will explaining how to use the TextBox, TextBlock and Button tools. I will show you how you can set the text in each box using button clicks and how to pass the information using variables.

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14 Comments on Windows Phone 8 Development – Tutorial 3 – TextBox/TextBlock/Buttons

  1. Hi, do you have tutorials on ASP.NET MVC?

  2. Best C# tutorial I have ever found on YouTube.Masterpiece job.

  3. and if i want to see everything i wrote, instead of getting only what i wrote on the last click?

  4. What if your Visual Studio doesnt let you use the double click shortcut for the event handlers

  5. …I don`t seem to have that tray stuff on my code though.

  6. These are super helpful! Like I'm learning more from watching these videos than I did in my college class..

  7. Making windows phone apps looks a lot easier than android tbh. 

  8. These are so helpful, thanks so much for making these videos!

  9. great tutorial keep it up :)

  10. Thank you. Easy, simple and very helpful tutorial. 

  11. this tutorial is actually quite good, i really wanted know about this!

  12. This is the best tutorial i have found yet. Great job

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