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Windows tweak guide#3 Tips,tricks,hacks

Windows Guide part 3 i go over some cool and basic pranks
-Folder Hiding
-VBS files
-Simple Prt Scrn prank

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20 Comments on Windows tweak guide#3 Tips,tricks,hacks

  1. ur not hiding a folder ur hiding a shortcut dumbass

  2. i right click on my folder click hide now i dont know how to find it,can you help

  3. i dont have accessories! why?!?

  4. Oh wow,you play World of Warcraft^^ How old are you?^^

  5. u play wow ;ppp gz

  6. 1ST just rename it to space

  7. man u sounded like a pussy lol thank puberty

  8. go to start all programs accessories system tools then character map then go to a look for a blank then click it hit select then hit copy and paste it in to the name for the box

  9. nevermind… i just went into the character map and found one myself 🙂

  10. hey alt + 255 doesn't work for me… any other blank characters?

  11. little kids with computers…

  12. We're not talking the Microsoft Windows operating system here, but rather windows in the Mac environment?

  13. how can i get the invicible folder icon?

  14. what is that youtube icon in your desktop?

  15. yes the invisible folder works on laptops.

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