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Zipping & Unzipping Files in Windows 8

This is just part of the Microsoft Windows 8 course. Windows 8 is the biggest change to Microsoft’s operating system in almost twenty years, and in Total Training for Windows 8, Bob Flisser will get you up to speed and productive as quickly as possible.

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40 Comments on Zipping & Unzipping Files in Windows 8

  1. dude!!!! such a life saver! THANKS!

  2. windows 8.1 does not let me extract for free. I must pay to extract.

  3. how to extract a big file for me its not responding

  4. or I need a minecraft texture pack ;-;

  5. I don't understand why every time I c lick on an update I extract it says its completed but the new updates never show up in spooky2. can someone explain why it never updates the program or what I am doing wrong?

  6. I've never had an issue with zip folders, but when I rtclk on a zip file, "extract" does not appear in the list of options. Still trying to figure out how to extract a zip file [not folder]. p.s. W-8.1

  7. Thanks.. I like it when people who do these explanations move slowly enough that they can be followed as you have done here. Also your explanation was spot on ! Thanks !

  8. Obviously there is a hell of a lot you are not telling just to get where you start. Windows Hate simply puts up a black screen with a short message to go to the app bar which does not exist.!!!!!!!!

  9. this did nothing to help me at all. my dell/windows 8 looks nothing like what you have in your video.

  10. Windows 8 cant extract

  11. whenever I try to do it I get a notification saying the file has nothing in it

  12. thank you so much this really helped

  13. how can i add a password to a file?

  14. Doesn't give me the option to extract all.

  15. My .zip files are like big folders with a big Z on them in the top left corner. Please help?

  16. ok guys here is a comment that has an easier way for exactly windows 8
    1: create a new folder with the same name of the folder you want to unzip
    2: open the folder you want to unzip and drag all of them into the new folder
    3: delete the old folder and replace the new one exactly where the old folder was
    4: you're welcome now it's a unzip folder

  17. I have windows 8.1 and I downloaded a 473 kb zip file. I extracted it but it can neither  be opened with word , nor wordpad, nor notepad . On clicking it twice a box appears stating : Do you want the following program to make changes to computer ?
    what to do ?

  18. really helped me cos im trying to get some cs:s files on my gmod cos i dont have cs:s so i had missing textures

  19. Only thing you should need to open zip files is WinRaR. You can download it here:

  20. thanks soo muchhhh  i can finally downlode costom content for my game!!!!

  21. tnx it realy helped! 😀

  22. doesnt show me the extract all on my windows 8….

  23. how to extract i cant do it with my download … its asking if i want to open with notepad or word pad… there is no thing called extract

  24. When I right click on such files, there is no "extract" option :/

  25. when i try to extract it says that the file is empty and it just worked the other day and ive tried redownloading it and it still happens

  26. Thank you for sharing your time doing this.

  27. Everyone is here to zip porn files. lel

  28. At 1:25 how did you double click and open it into a Windows file? Mine opens in to a Zip window and can't do anything.

  29. it tells me that windows can extract it :[

  30. When I right-click the file on my computer (Windows 8) there is no option to extract files.  Now what?

  31. this helped so much thank you

  32. it says to insert some disk

  33. i do not have a zip file so this thing did not help me at all

  34. is there a diffrent with an archive and a zip file ?

  35. Thanks! I'm glad I didn't need to download anything.

  36. You are so awesome!!!!
    I have been haveing trouble with this for so long, but now i dont
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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