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☆ Windows XP Tricks ☆

READ! I do not take any responsibility for damaged computers. Try my tricks! It works on Vista too! ENJOY!

16 Comments on ☆ Windows XP Tricks ☆

  1. When I watched the video, your voice sounded like a 11 year old girl, no offense. Weird… Maybe you just spoke so softly in a different tone, that it sounded like that. But never mind that, great tricks! 🙂

  2. @medayuki54 dont be mean If you wil ill spam you

  3. You sound like a girl and your computer is as slow as you~!!
    Even the notepad takes SOOOOO :U long to load~!!! :/ what the hell man?
    Well you gotta speed up the startup a little bit…i recommend the noobs of you~!!
    FOr the Sake of the PC!! GOd!!Dont Crash the computer~!! and be happy what you had~!!!! >:/

  4. the computer is slow……….like you.

  5. wow it turns into a bunch of boxes whooptie doo

  6. 畢桳栠摩琠敨映捡獴 wtf ?!

  7. hey your pc is like a bit right click on my computer ,go for properties,click advanced ,then go for perfomance settings,thencheck adjust for best perfomance………..

  8. Well, young lady ( or boy ), at least you tried 😉
    For courage you have earned my gratitude ..

  9. Wow do you have any balls?

  10. download hypercam 2 or camstudio 😉

  11. Slooooooooow computer it took you 9 seconds to load notepad!! I recommend buying some more RAM. It will work a little faster then.

  12. how old are you? 10? Due to voice… 🙂

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