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✅How to Reduce Blue Light with Windows 10 – Protect your eyesight!

Protect your eyesight from Blue Light easily with a setting adjustment in Windows 10.

PCWizKid shows you in this video will show you how to reduce blue light on Windows 10. These are the best blue light filter tips that can protect your eyes and make you sleep better. Using a blue light filter is best to use in the evening. Using these computer tips to reduce blue light are easy to setup.

Harvard Heath Edu Study on Blue Light…

24 Comments on ✅How to Reduce Blue Light with Windows 10 – Protect your eyesight!

  1. has a night light feature that immediately disables itself when opening certain programs, yeah i tried that already

  2. thank you so much ,, perfect video broooooo

  3. Ok bro rank to information bro

  4. Help my windows 10 screen when I turn It on It has, a blue screen It’s so blue I just got my pc help. I don’t know what to do.

  5. I tried using Night mode just to test it out.Man i get nausea.When i turn off the night mode i feel relieved.I'll use night mode when i read for long periods.If i'm doing short periods i don't mind with the light on.Funny how my body reacts to it.I have ptsd,anxieties and panic attacks.The night mode gets me sick.Maybe i can use mode when i read so i have to 20-27 pages for my class assignment.It's good to use when your typing for long periods of time.

  6. deserve a like

  7. Thanks man now I have proof on eye protection for my mom

  8. crank it to full temparature and it is worse for your eyes than blue light xD

  9. I'm just tryna increase it

  10. Any idea how to get Night Light in Win10 Enterprise ? It's not there.. any way to manually add it?

  11. Good video. Blue light affects us more than we think nowadays, PC, mobile and tablet screens almost 24/7 and worst of all that time when you just went to bed and you feel the urge to read an ebook or just surf little before sleep. Daylight is full of blue light. Blue light affects (supress) the body's levels of melatonin which makes us sleepy. If there's no or bad melatonin production in the evening our levels of cortisol goes up instead which, for example, is bad when the body/brain is supposed to get ready to sleep (high blood pressure is one rather serious consequence). There are two hormones that regulates our alertness and sleepyness and that's cortisol for daytime activities (ready and alert) and melatonin for getting sleepy and to make our muscels relax properly during our sleep. Your welcome. Don't mention it 😉

  12. Rather than use the build-in OS features , I tend to use blue light filters [ on my phone & computer. That way much of the blue light is filtered but the color isn't distorted, like what would happen if you use Flux.

  13. My computer doesn't have that night light toggle. What do I do?

  14. Might be a stupid question but, would it be a bad idea to have this turned on all the time? (Even at afternoon?)

  15. Hi we love your videos. Nice work. We would like to get some advise from u & is there any chance we can contact you privately pls. Email or another way of contact pls. Thanks

  16. Yeah, RL Grime! But really, I didn't know about this, thanks for the heads up!

  17. I've always wonder. Doesn't this end up messing up the monitor? Like, the color isn't the same anymore after using it for a while?

  18. it's good to see you that active again <3 grown up with your videos since like 2007 or so ..

  19. Thanks for the heads up. This is gonna be very useful.

  20. I had f.lux installed for a while now, but good to know windows 10 has that feature built in because there's like a split second when i turn on the PC to wait for an additional app to load and correct the screen colors.
    BTW.. good to see you back to doing tutorials <3

  21. very good tool to use. shame you have to give them your location to use the automated portion

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