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12 Red Dead Redemption 2 Life Hacks You Need To Know

Johnny Chiodini is back with more Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay tips than you can shake a bear hat at! Join him for 12 Red Dead Redemption 2 life hacks that should make your days in the wilderness a little easier to handle!

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49 Comments on 12 Red Dead Redemption 2 Life Hacks You Need To Know

  1. I don't want to do chores around my house, why would I want to do them in a video game? I was really looking forward to this game, but it's too tedious for my tastes. dang it!

  2. Ah, refreshing. A reviewer who isn't over the top.

  3. For fast hair growth use tonic then travel by stagecoach long distances. It's fast travel but the beard growth takes it into account. Rapid max growth.

  4. Taking tips from someone who never has more than $20?

  5. I said hello at the end lol

  6. Thank you! Great video

  7. 14 winks = the loading time for the sleep load screen

  8. Narrator sounds like the kid that was fired from What Culture. That u Adam?

  9. 0:22 The Kata of the Rifle

  10. Actually ..killing any farm animals will get you negative honor…. Stop Killing Other Peoples animals!… you animal! ..

  11. life hacks? these are common sense tipps, which you even get in the game. pretty sure i've seen a tooltip about each of these topics

  12. Seeing how he handled the ambush at the beginning of the video, I knew right away it wouldn't be teaching me anything…

  13. Rat-icslly changing your look

  14. 10:30 ????????????
    The whole outfit part of the video cracked me up

  15. 666k views? Wow nice ????

  16. “Mornin miss macfarlane.”

  17. 4:26 You can feed your horse while riding it just by selecting a food in the horse menu

  18. "Skid stops on horses are cool" shows clip of him running a guy over and tripping on a rock

  19. Fishing is EXTREMELY difficult actually. For bigger fish (not even talking about legendary). I just broke 10-12 lures, been working on this for 2 days.

    In fact my fingers are so sore im barely able to type this.

    Im trying to do everything as it says. I was once able to fish out a big 3 star fish. Ever since I cannot do it.

    Im not pulling on R, only barely went the line is escaping too fast, Im controlling with L left and right following the fish movement. I am pulling up when the fish it calm, with the L, then reeling in as fast as I can. When the fish is struggling, I stop reeling immediately and only control with L, with the occasional slight pull of R when the fish pulls too much line.

    The results are as follows, either my line snaps after a literal 10 min struggle, or the fish keeps gaining distance.

    I am at a loss. I love the fishing in this game, but its beyond frustrating at this point.

  20. Wish I could play this game for the first time again

  21. If you commit a low level crime you can apologize to the police and they’ll let you go without a bounty

  22. He all said Herb's lol not Erbs the way it sounds. Yes I know it has a silent 'H' lol

  23. Just funny how you go to customize your gun but you only have 10$

  24. #6 It's faster even still to go down and up on the left stick. Down to get the pole closer to the fish and reel in the excess line, and up again to give the fish a nice pull towards you.

  25. Thank you my good sir!

  26. That last jump is amazing.

  27. We all know these things

  28. The fact that John can’t swim makes it hard to earn xp that way

  29. 2:09shot right in the ring piece ????….Looking forward for the PC version ????????

  30. Wow I played through twice and still didn't know some of these

  31. Nov 5th preparation.

  32. My honor goes down when I ride my donkey. Someone explain?

  33. "In 2019 its the best way to receive money&gold: for me its by far the best in 2019"

  34. I will dislike this video because your tips are already explained in the game, very clearly.
    Not to mention the other hundreds of videos with the same title and content.

    So at the end of the day, was this video about helping people by telling them actual unkown tips or just to make a 10 min video to get some money …

  35. I learned about brushing while riding only recently by accident.
    That's weird though. I'll stick to brushing while standing thanks.????
    "There you go. Just sprinted a hunnerd miles, here's a quick neck rub!"
    McGruber throws in the swamp
    "Well, sh-"
    -alligator –

  36. u loose honor if u let the animal bleed out anyways so screw skinning it, shoot em all. to bad u need to switch servers every 5m to get the damn camp to spawn or the lady. if u like wasting time rdr2 is ur game

  37. When ever you need to reload in a gunfight just turn deadeye on and off because every time you turn on deadeye your amount of bullets you have before you need to reload goes to max

  38. Rootin, tootin and bootin'

  39. Is this one of the What Culture guys? He sounds like one of the Adams

  40. I think leaving your horse somewhere that it can graze it should reset its hunger.

  41. Do I really need to know them though

  42. I fight the grysly with my knife and it work pretty well. Try it its a good fight.

  43. This video had the first fishing tip of all the dozens of videos I've watched by now.

  44. 3:32 there was not a card on screen at least for me lol

  45. There are trinkets you can craft at the fence to slow weapon degradation

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